Friday, February 24, 2012

Top 5 Saturday Laughs 2.25.12

What a long, fast moving, super busy week!  I am hoping to get some rest this weekend since have come down with the dreaded cold that has infected my household for the past few weeks.  I am hoping the cold moves along as quickly as this past week has.  I am very excited to share my laughs with you this week!

Like always, I am joining my friend, Melissa, in her Saturday Laughs bloghop.  If you have a funny post, you should link up too!


I remembered to write down lots of laughs this week, so I had a list to choose from!!

5.  Claire and Natalie are starting to interact more and more while playing.  In the bathtub, Natalie was holding out a fake cookie and Claire was pretending to eat it.  They both got a kick out of this, but then Claire took it in her mouth and shot Natalie in the face with the water from inside.  That was seriously so funny!  Everyone laughed so hard, Claire laughed so hard that she got the hiccups!

4.  Whenever Natalie hears any type of music, she begins dancing. The majority of the time she twists her upper body and reminds me so much of the "we did it dance" from Dora.  She only dances for a little while, then it's back to playing.  It makes me smile every single time.

3.  Thursday evening I was feeling rotten and Claire was in full stall-before-bed mode.  I was tired from a really long day at work and getting rather frustrated with her.  I finally barked at her to get in her bed and lay down.  She put her little hand on my cheek and replied, "Mommy, is that how we ask for something we want?"  She was right, I had to apologize for not having good manners.  Of course, Ryan thought this was hysterical!!  

2.  Natalie is obsessed with the refrigerator.  Whenever it is opened, she crawls as fast as possible to start pulling things from the shelves in the door.  Sometimes I just let her play in there while I'm cooking since it can entertain her for a good five minutes.  This week she discovered the bottle of chocolate syrup and somehow managed to open the top.  Now she's really obsessed with the fridge!!

1.  Claire LOVES cooking.  All kinds of cooking and baking.  Lately she loves to pretend to cook and bake.  We have pretend food all over the house.  There are bowls, measuring cups and spoons in every room.  Ryan  was bathing the girls one night and Claire was pretending to cook Chinese food in the bathtub.  She had a big mixing bowl and spoon and was adding the ingredients (water).    Here is the interaction that I overheard:
R: "Claire, what are you doing?"
C: "Rubbing my boobies"
R: "Why are you rubbing your boobies?"
C: "Because I burnt them on the stove when I was cooking"
That girl seriously cracks me up!

I have a bonus laugh since it literally just happened as I was writing the others.  I have blogged before how Claire likes play where she wipes off our kisses.  Ryan asked her for a kiss goodnight and he then wiped off her kiss.  This happened three times.  On the third time, he told Claire that he wasn't going to wipe that kiss off because he liked it.  Instantly, she responded with, "why didn't you like the other ones daddy?"  Ryan told her she was just like her mother.  What a typical girl response! Ryan is still laughing about that one.


  1. LOL great laughs. I am sure Natalie has a taste for chocolate now :) She will always be entertained in there...until you find it covering your floor! Been there, done that.

  2. Love your laughs! I have a similar one to number 5! And I totally laughed out loud with number one! Oh the things kids say, I'm so glad we get to document them!!

  3. I can't believe how big Natalie has grown. I love the picture of her with the chocolate syrup bottle. That makes me laugh! Arianna loves to go to th fridge too. I had to move all our glass bottle up to the top shelf because I was afraid she would drop them!

  4. Haha love them all. That is too funny with the bath. Love that n cracked up so hard that she got hiccups. That picture of her eating the chocolate sauce is precious. The girl knows what she wants,lol. Oh my goodness, at rubbing my boobs. She is a hot ticket. I also love the kisses story-she is just too cute!

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  6. Thanks for sharing your stories! I really like the cookie in the bath.

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  7. haha sounds like a fun place to live!!!
    Happy march!


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