Saturday, February 4, 2012

Our Sleep Training Journey :: Day 4

Day four felt very much like days two and three. I don't know how to feel about this. On one had I am VERY thankful that she hasn't had an awful night, but on the other-hand I was really hoping for some more progress. Typical me, I am having a hard time being patient.

Here is how our night went:

7:59 - Natalie was in her bed
8:06 - Asleep

10:20 - Fussy for two minutes

10:55 - Dreamfeed for 5 minutes

I set my alarm for 2:00, apparently I didn't want to get up and hit snooze until 2:45.

2:45 - Dreamfeed for 5 minutes

4:30 - Natalie was standing and screaming
4:35 - Asleep

5:45 - Dreamfeed for 4 minutes

8:15 - Woke up on her own

There were a few other times through the night that she fussed, but it wasn't long enough to even write down. So here we are again, she fussed more times than the previous night but the duration of each time was shorter. We did successfully push her feedings past three hours as she went 3.5 and 4 hours so I am encouraged in that regard. I am ready to not set my alarm any longer. I do know that the system works, and I will continue to dreamfeed until she is successfully weaned.

I think I will try to push her feedings again tonight in hopes that she gets used to not having a full tummy and is able to stay asleep.


  1. Hopefully this week will be the trick and she will be right where you want her!

    1. Thanks Tracy! I hope Charlie's tubes are the trick to getting her to sleep for you too :)

  2. It might not seem like it, Heather...but it's WORKING! It really is! Especially to an outsider...what you have on "paper"'s working! Good for you guys! I think at this point, it's hard on Moms because it's a lot of work still having to get up, do the dreamfeeds and the weaning. Sounds like she's weaning like a champ and doesn't really "need" it for the amount she's feeding anyway. There will ALWAYS be bumps in the road: teething, illness, milestones...but you will always have SleepEasy to fall back on. I hope this continues to work for you and that you "see the light" at the end of that tunnel! Good work, mama!

    1. Thanks for your words Sarah! It is hard to see the end when you're in the middle of the dark. I am hoping it 'clicks' really soon. I can't thank you enough for recommending the book!!


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