Thursday, February 9, 2012

Happy 10 Months Miss Natalie Sue

We have entered the double digit months!  Very quickly Natalie is growing into a toddler, right before my eyes.  The list of things that she is able to do is exponentially expanding.  

Here are some of the milestones of the month:
  • She has started walking behind walkers, chairs and anything that will push.  

  • She is signing "more" "all-done" and "milk"
  • She often says "mu" when signing milk
  • Waves and says "buh-buh"
  • Natalie loves to pray at dinner.  She folds her hands and claps after we say amen.
  • She blows kisses and likes to make blah, blah sounds while moving her hand over her mouth to change the tone
  • Hates being told no, she gets very upset
  • She will try to climb anything in her path
  • That second bottom tooth came through.  She has six more on the way, but they are moving slow.
  • Natalie loves to see babies.  In person, in pictures or herself in the mirror.  She sometimes says "be-be" and giggles with delight.
  • She prefers to take bites of food rather than have small pieces on her high chair.
  • She has recently began exploring things in her world through touch.  She loves to touch all the animals of her mobile before I lay her down in bed. She is becoming very aware of the world around her.
  • The nights are getting better thanks to SleepEasy sleep training.  We are on our 10th night and beginning to see some progress.  I am hoping by the time I write another monthly update, that is a milestone that we can include!!


  1. Holy moly! She is way more advanced than Zane. He can sign more and that is about it. No waving or walking yet:) She is adorable!

  2. Fast moving little girl!! I love that flower chair that she is crawling on. Where did you get it?

  3. Kass, we picked up that chair through for about $65.
    -Ryan (Heather's husband)

  4. So cute! G loved that FP stroller/walker when she was that age. Have a great weekend!

  5. Yay! Happy 10 months cutie patootie! Woot woot!


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