Friday, August 31, 2012

Top Five Saturday Laughs :: 8.25.12

Happy Saturday!  I feel as if I'm cheating since I wrote these early so that I could guest post for Melissa from The Mommyhood Chronicles, but at least they're actually on the blog and not just a note on my phone!  Sometimes, I can't seem to keep up with my life.  Either that or I need to learn how to function on less sleep?

I actually captured some photos to go with our post this week.  Of course, they're not with my awesome new camera that my husband surprised me with for our anniversary/birthday/Christmas/valentines day (for the next three years).  However, they were on my phone. I did Instagram them so that has to count for something?

5.  Much to her talkative's sisters disapproval, Natalie is finally becoming more vocal.  Claire enjoys speaking for Natalie and likes to be the center of attention at all times.  Now when Claire wants Natalie to be quiet, she attempts to put her hand over Natalie's mouth.  This is followed by Natalie licking Claire's hand and hysterical laughing from both girls.

4.  Claire has this new fascination with trying to wink.  I was able to capture her "practicin' her winkin'" at the dinner table.

3.  We live next door to Ryan's mom and step-dad.  They own an ice cream truck (yes this is very bad when you're trying to lose weight).  If you ask Natalie if she wants to go to Grandma's house, she starts smacking her lips while nodding her head. It makes me think she may want something?

2.  Once we go to Grandma's house, Natalie will stand with her arms behind her back with the ice cream obsessed look in her eyes.  When we ask her if she would like some ice cream, she responds like this:

Every. Single. Time

The excitement is just adorable!!  She LOVES popsicles, devouring them in no time flat.

1.  My mom and I had a dance party with Claire on Sunday.  Claire yelled sung a made-up song with lyrics such as "We are cool girls.  We are rockstars.  Watch us shake our booties!  No one can stop us now!!"  We even had pretend rockstar costumes to wear while she had the real deal.  First she would dance with my mom while I cheered for them, then she would dance with me while my mom cheered and finally my mom and I would dance while Claire cheered for us.  We seriously laughed so hard making up crazy jumping, flaring, booty shaking moves.  

I hope everyone has a great weekend!!

Friday, August 10, 2012

Top Five Saturday Laughs :: 8.11.12

I'm having such a hard time realizing that it is Friday since I've been off of work since Wednesday.  What a great problem to have!!  We took the kids on a mini-vacation to a hotel/waterpark in Frankenmuth.  More on this later, but here are some of our laughs from the past week.

5.  On our way to Frankenmuth, Claire was a little tired since she hadn't napped in the afternoon.  I caught her beginning to dose.  A minute later, she strikes up a lively conversation to try an keep herself awake.  It was funny to see her figure it out, but seriously, why don't kids like to nap?!

4.  Natalie does absolutely everything that her sister does.  She's a little copy cat.  Claire was having a tantrum, so Natalie crossed her arms in front of her body and began to pout.  When I asked her if she was going to have a tantrum like her sister, she grinned and shook her head yes.  Thankfully that was as far as the tantrum went, this time.

3.  I had asked Claire to be quiet, which happens often in our world.  This particular time she was upset so I stuck my tongue out at her to try and distract her from being mad.  She waved her arms like an umpire calling a base runner safe at home, looked me dead in the eyes and said, "not funny mommy, I'm upset!"

2.  When you ask Natalie what sound a monkey makes, she exclaims "OH, ohhh!"  It is so stinking adorable!

1.  Claire and I were playing Cinderella.  She was Cinderella and I was the fairy godmother.  I had just transformed her into a beautiful princess and told her that she had to be home by the stroke of midnight.  She replied that was much too late, her bedtime was at eight o'clock!

I hope everyone has a great weekend!  I appreciate you reading my laughs :)  If you want to enjoy more laugh posts, check out Melissa from The Mommyhood Chronicles and all the other funny posts.

Friday, August 3, 2012

Top Five Saturday Laughs :: 8.4.12

Happy work free weekend (at the office anyway) for me!  I hope everyone has some great fun planned for the weekend. I am so glad to have two whole days to spend quality time with my girls!

I didn't document many of our laughs this week and at this point, I honestly can't remember them.  Oh well, I did write down a few so we will go with that.

5.  Natalie is the queen of non-verbal communication.  She grunts, babbles, points, walks you to what she wants or moves you out of the way.  This week she's started to fake eat whenever she's hungry or wants a snack.  I often ask her if she's hungry just so she will smack her lips together.

4.  Claire's newest phrase is, "I can't believe my eyes!"  It's just funny to hear a three year old say silly things!

3.  Last week I talked about Natalie's obsession with Claire's boots.  The obsession has carried over to this week, however she now wears one boot backwards.  Our nanny sent me a photo one afternoon after a day of turning the boot around to just have Natalie turn it backwards again.

2.  I am thankful that Miss Grace sends me things via text or I wouldn't have enough laughs!  I received this text: "A few minutes ago Claire was holding three babies hostage and wouldn't give one to Natalie.  I told her that we needed to share and she said, 'I'm sorry Miss Grace, but I need all three babies and we need to make an exception just this once and that is FINAL' Sass alert!"  Oy!  That girl can be sassy which is not appreciated, but how do you not laugh at the shear ridiculousness?!

1.  We took the girls swimming at my sister-in-laws this week.  Natalie was out of the pool walking around when she grabbed a wipe, squatted and peed on the cement.  Then she clapped when she was done, we all cracked up!  Now if she'd just go on the potty as regularly as she does in a bathing suit :)

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