Sunday, March 25, 2012

Top Five Saturday {Sunday} Laughs

I'm pretty late in posting our weekly laughs this weekend, things have been rather busy!  I hope everyone had a great weekend.  Today is simply beautiful here and I am looking forward to when the girls wake up from their naps so we can go outside and play.

I hope you enjoy our laughs, I think they are pretty funny!

5. One morning I put on a pair of very plain sandals.  Claire looked at my feet and told me that my shoes were "not pretty".  She then proceeded to find my colored beaded sandals so that I could have pretty shoes to wear to work.  I don't think I will be wearing the plain ones ever again.

4.  Natalie has been a baby-signing machine lately.  She really gets into the signs.  My favorite is "all-done" after she eats.  If we don't get her out of the high-chair fast enough, she violently waves her arms around signing "all-done".  I crack up every time.

3.  Friday was a rather rainy day.  We were sitting at the dinner table when Claire taught us about tornadoes.  She told us, that "tornadoes are very bad storms with very big winds."  When we asked her where she learned about it, she informed us that she "read it in a book."  That girl cracks me up!

2.  Natalie wore her first ponytail this week.  It was adorable!

1.  There is a little boy at Claire's daycare who loves to make the girls scream by pretending to be a monster and chasing the girls around the house.  Apparently, he is very scared of bees and wasps, so Claire retaliated by pretending to be a wasp and chased him around the house buzzing the whole time. I had to tell her that she should be a kind friend, but inside I was really laughing!

Bonus laugh:  Claire was playing with her baby when she decided that baby needed milk.  


Saturday, March 17, 2012

Top 5 Saturday Laughs 3.17.12

Happy weekend!  We have had the most gorgeous weather here lately and today is looking beautiful.  It has been so wonderful to get out and play outside.  My favorite part is not bundling up the kids when we leave the house, I was actually on time a few days this week!!

I am thankful that my girls are finally feeling better!  I am hoping that this trend continues :)

Here are our laughs from the week:

5.  Claire had an awful ear infection last week.  Last Thursday her right eardrum ruptured and then last Saturday her left eardrum ruptured.  This created major drainage and discomfort for Claire.  When her ear drained, Claire told me that her ear was peeing.  It is an awful thing, but her description made me laugh.

4.  Natalie is a strong willed little girl.  Big time!  She has been on a green bean strike for the last month or so.  She will not eat them - at all.  I got a text at lunchtime one day from her daycare provider.  She had tried to sneak a bite of green beans in with a bite of hotdogs.  Natalie spit the green bean out and then refused to eat anymore hotdog.  She could be more stubborn than Claire!  I feel bad for Ryan...

3.  Claire has an endless supply of play phones.  She loves to play with them, typically talking.  While we were playing, Claire told me to grab my phone so that we could text each other. I wonder who she learns that from?!

2.  We played outside as much as possible the past week. Since Natalie isn't walking yet (I cannot wait for her to finally do so!), I have been trying to be creative with how she can play.  She swings, plays in the walker on the concrete and hangs out in the bijourn.  We were in the front yard, so I had taken Natalie out of the bijourn and let her down on the sidewalk leading to the house.  She was crawling on the sidewalk and decided to venture into the yard, or so she thought.  She got one hand on the grass and sat straight up. The look on her face was priceless!  Needless to say, I found a way to contain her to one area since she will not crawl in the grass.

1.  One morning, Claire and Natalie woke up at nearly the same time.  I got Claire from her room first and brought her to the living room to watch cartoons.  I then went into Natalie's room to feed her.  As I was feeding Natalie, I heard Claire in the pantry.  Pretty soon, Claire came running into Natalie's room.  She asked, "Where do we keep the honey mama?"  I asked her why she needed the honey.  She responded, "because I am having honey nut cheerios for breakfast!"  HA!  I had to explain to her that the honey was baked on the cheerios.  I couldn't believe that she had gotten the cereal out of the pantry and poured it in a bowl.  All she needed for me to do is pour the milk.

I hope you all have an awesome weekend!

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Friday, March 9, 2012

Top 5 Saturday Laughs 3.12.12

We have had a challenging week in our house!  Natalie has had Abuetoral breathing treatments since last Friday and she is finally starting to move air better.  Claire came down with croup, an ear infection and pink eye on Tuesday and spent the majority of the week at home with Ryan and myself.  Today, I took her back to the pediatrician since she wasn't feeling much better.  I found out that she has a perforated eardrum.  We've been to the pediatrician's office three times in the last week!   Of course, we did have some rays of sunlight through all this.  I desperately need to replace the bad memories with these funny things!

5. Claire wanted to play restaurant this week with Ryan.  She wanted him to be the server.  She handed him her water and the rest of the zebra cake she was eating.  When he asked her for her order, she told him she wanted sprite and a zebra cake.  After getting her meal, she looked at Ryan and said, "I need something else my maaan."   Giggles erupted after that!

4.  When Natalie waves, she waves like she is in a parade.  It is so funny to see the big girl wave out of a little baby!

3.  Since Natalie is on Abuetoral for her wheezing, Claire likes to help give her little sister her nebulizer treatments.  During one of Natalie's coughing spells, Claire told me that Natalie needed her "A gorillia" so she would stop coughing.

2.  Ryan stayed home with the girls on Thursday.  He was texting me photos throughout the day of the girls.  I got one during breakfast, lunch and watching cartoons.  The best text I received said this: "Natty had a poop so big it came out the leg & filled her jammies down to her toes!!!! TO. HER. TOES. #notkidding"
I cannot explain how hard I laughed at this!! It is always funny when someone else has to deal with the blowout plus the hashtag in the text. #priceless

1.  I was reading a book with Claire when she pointed at a mole on my arm and asked what it was.  I told her that it was a mole.  She responded, "That's where Santa was."  It took me a minute, but I eventually told her that Santa was at the mall and not the mole :)

Here's to hoping for a healthy week next week.  I'm going to head over to The Mommyhood Chronicles and read the funny blogs since I could use a good laugh!


Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Happy 3rd Birthday Claire!

If you ask Claire her birthday, she will respond with, "March the First!".  If you ask Claire how old she is, she will shrug her shoulders and say, "I don't know."  With some prodding, she will eventually respond with an emphatic, "THREE!".

Since her actual birthday was on a Thursday she took cupcakes decorated for each of her daycare friends and her daycare providers family.  We stayed up late on Wednesday night as she chose sprinkles for each person.  She picked all chocolate sprinkles for the boys, since they were brown.  The girls got all the rest of the colors (we really only had girly colored sprinkles).  I was a bit of an emotional wreck to be at work on her birthday.  Thankfully, her daycare provider emailed me photos of her special day complete with candles and all!  That evening, we gave her one small gift, a microphone on a stand.  She loves performing on it!!  "Riley Grandma" (Ryan's mom whose dog is named Riley) came over with a book, flashlight and puzzles for the birthday girl to open.  We then had the second round of cupcakes and more singing.

Claire's party was on Saturday evening.  I had taken Friday off so I had almost two whole days to get everything ready.  I needed every single minute of course!  The theme of the party was a Bake Shop since Claire loves cooking/baking so much.  I had lots of help making the vision come to life; decorations were made by Shannon from Sweet Stellas, the cake was from my friend Lisa and the birthday girl had a skirt and bow made by Anna's Bow Shop.  In typical Claire fashion, she wouldn't wear the adorable fabric strip skirt for the party - but it is so cute!  My parents and niece Dakota came over three hours early to help with food preparations.  They were a huge help, there is no way I would have made it on time.  Ryan's mom helped get everything set up and cleaned up.  I am so thankful to everyone that helped make her party perfect!!

Ryan made these Bake Shops - one for the salad bar and the other was the cupcake decorating station

The loot for the guests!

Let the traumatic threes begin! She was running away from me - grr!

We had such a great time with all our guests!  We ate soup, salad and bread for dinner then feasted on cake while the birthday girl opened gifts.  She got some wonderful things, we truly have some fantastic people in our lives that surround our little girl with so much love.  I feel so blessed after the party!!

Enjoy some photos of the party in action!  

Happy 3rd Birthday Claire!!  We love you so much!!

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Saturday, March 3, 2012

Top 5 Saturday Laughs 3.5.12

What a busy and exciting week!  As of Thursday, we officially have a THREE year old!  We have been in full birthday mode around our house.  We are looking forward to the big birthday party tomorrow with our family and friends.

In between all the birthday fun and a sick, teething baby we still managed to have quite a few laughs this week.

5.  I was having issues with my voicemail on my cell phone this week and could not retrieve messages for whatever reason.  Ryan is my personal 'geek-squad' so I made a comment to him about the voicemail being screwed up.  Before Ryan could even answer, Claire piped up, "I can help you mommy!"

4.  Natalie has been very into giving kisses lately.  When I tell her it is time for night-night, she instantly opens her mouth wide open to kiss everyone before heading to bed, big ol' wet sloppy baby kisses.  Makes me laugh every time!

3.  We gave Claire a microphone and stand for her actual birthday.  It is perfect for her since she loves to be the center of attention.  She takes the microphone and stands on stage (the fireplace hearth) where she then performs.  This morning, she decided she was going to be a comedian and tell a joke.  The performance went something like this:
C: "Ladies and gentlemen, introducing Claire"
*hits applause button* while Natalie and I clap from the couch
C: "What does a cat read in the morning"
Me: "I don't know"
C: "The meeoowwspaper"
Hysterical laughing ensued.

2.  I was cooking dinner one night and Natalie was playing in the pantry.  I couldn't see what she was doing since her body was nearly completely in the pantry.  I opened the door only to discover that she was standing up to the dog food storage container, reaching in and eating the food.  I guess I needed to cook faster!

1.  This final laugh also begins with a performance of Claire's.  She was standing on a play chair with her microphone and told Ryan, "I'm going to get an erection".  Ryan quickly responded, "Do you mean you're going to be the director?!"  Claire said, "yeah" and proceeded to be the "erector" for the rest of the show.  I love the unintentional funny things!

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