Monday, February 13, 2012

Our Sleep Training Journey :: Day 13

Thank you all who have been joining me on this journey.  It is nice to know there is so much support!

Yesterday was an off day for us.  Natalie didn't go down for her morning nap until 11 am and her afternoon nap was from 3:30-5:15 so I was concerned if she'd be ready to sleep at night.

Here is how the night went:

7:58 - In bed, she really didn't eat well beforehand.  She never fussed, but was quite restless.  She rolled around trying to get comfortable and just laid awake watching her mobile for the longest time.  I wasn't surprised that she didn't go right to sleep, but I was surprised at how calm she was in her bed.  It was such a great feeling!!
8:35 - Finally asleep.

10:45 - Dreamfeed before I went to bed

I took the advice of so many of you after Day 12 and decided to stretch the middle of the night dreamfeed.  Instead of getting up at 3:30 like I had (or had been trying to) on past nights, I decided to get up at 5:00 to dreamfeed.

5:00 - Dreamfeed 5 minutes (I fell asleep in the chair for a few minutes - oops!)

7:50 - Awake for the day

I am so glad that we are not even to the two week mark and Natalie's sleep habits have so drastically improved. I honestly didn't think we could get to this point in such a short amount of time.  Had it not been for Sarah from Nurse Loves Farmer and her Sleep Easy recommendation I would probably still be getting up 2-5 times per night.

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