Saturday, February 2, 2013

Top Five Saturday Laughs :: 2.2.13

It's hard to believe this is only my second post of 2013!  I set a long list of goals for this year.  In my quest to become more healthy, get our house better organized and spend more time unplugged as a family, my blogging has become non-existent.  This being said, I am glad to be at the keyboard to write some of our laughs from the past month.

5.  The girls are still crazy obsessed with Brave.  Natalie asks for Mmmmm-Duh by name.  It cracks me up every time.

4.  We were putting up some new blinds.  Claire was asking her favorite question, "Why?"  Ryan explained that we needed to be able to close the blinds for privacy.  That night after bath, Claire informed me she needed her underwear on immediately so no one saw her "privacy".

3.  Natalie has started going on the potty when she feels like it's time.  The girl is stubborn!  So if she poops in her diaper, she will waddle out of her hiding spot, point at her diaper and say "poo-poo".  If we don't get to her in time, she goes into the bathroom and takes the diaper off herself.  Needless to say, we watch for that indicator!

2.  We were having a dance party where Claire was really getting into the music.  She was shaking her booty and just having a ball.  When I told her how much I liked her dancing, she responded with, "My daddy taught me how to dance!"  This was especially hysterical since Ryan does the dance move from the movie Hitch - keep it in the frame.

1.  Natalie often calls animals by their sound rather than their actual name.  Claire has picked up on this.  She saw Natalie's stuffed owl under the couch, got super excited and yelled, "I see Natalie's who-who!!"  I laughed so hard I cried.

I am glad to be linking up with my friends at The Mommyhood Chronicle's blog hop.  It's a great place to find some really funny posts!


Saturday, January 5, 2013

Top Five Saturday Laughs :: 1.5.13

It has been over a month since I blogged (ugh!).   I have so much to share, the entire Christmas season and my goals for 2013 (this is the first year I've actually written them down!).  However, I decided to start 2013 with my favorite posts to write - our laughs!!  It is good for me to write these down so I actually can look back and remember all the silly things my girls have done.  Even in the same week I am now having a hard time recalling these precious memories.

This is a compilation of laughs from the last month.

5.  If I have to go potty, the feeling intensifies exponentially as I get closer to the bathroom.  One day I had to go pretty bad and was rushing to get the girls in from the car.  Claire was blocking the door into the house and then blocked my path to the bathroom.  In my high pitched, rushed voice I told her, "Excuse me honey mommy has to go potty!!"  As I moved past her, she exclaimed, "Mom, you can't hold it very long."  I couldn't laugh or I would have peed my pants!  If you only knew Claire!!

4.  When Natalie goes to bed, Claire gives her a hug and kiss goodnight.  Most of the time Natalie offers up a cheek for Claire to kiss and gives a side hug.  Lately, she thinks it's funny to run away from Claire.  This leads to Claire chasing after her yelling, "Come back her little baby (or sister), I'm trying to kiss you!"

3.  This story came from Miss Cynthia before Christmas vacation.  Claire and her friend Lilian often have pretend adventures.  On this particular day, they couldn't decide what they wanted to do.  Claire wanted to go to the woods and hunt for deer and bears (we've been addicted to Brave) and Lilian wanted to go to the store for new shoes.  I guess they finally compromised and Lilian was going shopping with Claire joining her after the hunt.

2.  I may or may not have let a noisy toot after dinner one evening.  The girls both started giggling like crazy.  Natalie then said, "Mama poo-poo!"  Of course this lead to hysterical laughing from the entire family.

1.  Every night before bed, Claire and I say prayers together.  She picks someone she is thankful for and prays for them.  She was saying her standard, I am thankful for mommy because she give me kisses and cuddles and takes care of me and reads books.  Then she added, "I pray that she can have a vacation day tomorrow so we can play together all day."  I died of sweet and wanted so badly to take the day off!!

I hope to get caught up on the rest of the blog very soon!  Happy 2013!

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Friday, November 30, 2012

Top Five Saturday Laughs :: 12.1.12

Happy weekend!  We have one of my favorite holiday activities planned for Saturday morning, getting our Christmas tree!!  We go to an awesome tree farm south of town that has horse drawn wagon rides to the tree fields, Santa waiting in the barn with hot chocolate afterwards.  I am looking forward to it, but haven't told the kids yet.  It's killing me to keep it a secret, but I know Claire will be be up at 5 am if I tell her about it.  I hope everyone has a great weekend of fun!!

I am hosting the Saturday Laughs Blog Hop for my friend Melissa while she's on vacation.  Come and join us in the fun!

5.  I absolutely love our daycare provider!  I am so thankful to have someone in our life to love and care for our girls while I am at work.  Miss Cynthia often sends me text messages to share funny stories about the girls.  So this one came directly from her.  They were talking about matching and Claire said, "Miss Cynthia, my shirt matches your phone's suitcase!"  And yes, Miss Cynthia has a pink phone case.

4.  Claire has been very inquisitive about mixing colors as of late.  She is constantly asking, "If I mix color A and color B together, what color do I get?"  Typically, she asks color combinations such as pink and orange or purple and green.  She asked one color mix that I had no idea, so I told her that I wasn't sure what color it would make.  She then informed me, "Daddy knows everything about colors, maybe you should ask him." I cracked up, Ryan is not the foremost color expert in our house - at all!

3.  Ryan had taken the girls next door to his mom's house.  They tore into the house and ran straight for the play room.  Grandma wasn't expecting them and had put their unwrapped Christmas gifts in the room.  Grandma quickly told them to stop and Ryan followed up with, "Grandma's underwear are in there, you don't want to see them!"  This kept the girls out.  When they came home, Claire told me, "Mom, Grandma's underwear were out so we couldn't play in our room.  We did NOT want to see that!"

2.  My family has this awesome tradition of group Black Friday shopping.  We make a list of all our needs, a plan to hit each department and then we divide and conquer.  We always have a blast, laughing more than people around us probably appreciate.  My mom always ensures we have Christmas music playing.   When The Christmas Song (Chestnuts Roasting on an Open Fire) came over the radio, my mom and I instantly cracked up.  We then had to share with the ladies the reason behind our laughter.  When my dad (Jeff) was younger, he thought the song opened with, "Jeff's nuts roasting over an open fire..."  Needless to say, whenever we hear that song we think of my dad and laugh.  At midnight, this was seriously hysterical and we cackled like crazy!

1.  I don't need to say much with this laugh, Natalie spent the majority of her time at Grandma's doing the same thing over and over!  This video is long - I couldn't figure out how to trim it from my phone and the multiple apps that I tried didn't work.  So make sure you watch the first 15 seconds.

I already have four really good laughs for next week that happend today!  I can't wait for next week to share them!


Friday, November 23, 2012

Top Five Saturday Laughs :: 11.24.12

Happy Thanksgiving weekend!  I absolutely love this holiday!! Nothing is better than spending quality time with our loved ones.  We are blessed to live close to all of our family so we don't need to travel.  This also means that we have multiple celebrations throughout the weekend!  I will surely need to wear the fat pants after all these meals.

I must admit that all five of these laughs didn't happen this past week.  A few of them are from the unused list of weeks past.  I didn't do a good job writing down our funny laughs through the week, so I am bummed that my memory stinks!

5.  My girls love to play kitchen.  We actually have their play kitchen set up in the kitchen so we can cook side by side.  I was cooking dinner one night and Claire was cooking the dessert to go with our meal.  She popped the cupcakes in the oven and told me, "they will be ready shortly mom, in about 16 hours."  I must have looked at her a little sideways since she followed up with, "Is that a long time?"

4.  Natalie has figured out a new way to entertain herself while wearing footie jammies.  She takes objects (favorite is play phones) and hides them by dropping them down through the neck until they reach her feet.  She then puts her hands out like, "where did it go?"  She giggles like crazy while we unzip to retrieve the object.

3.  Claire was picking her nose and I asked her if she needed a tissue.  She said, "I already got it mom."  I then brought her a tissue for the said "it" when she told me that she already wiped it on her pants.  She then went on to tell me, "When I'm at daycare, I turn my back so my friends don't know I am picking my nose.  Then I wipe it on my pants."  We then had to have a conversation about the need to use tisses.

2.  We got our Elf on the Shelf, Ernie, out this week.  Natalie gets so excited when she realizes Ernie's new hiding spot.  She then babbles on pointing to the last spot he was at and the newest spot.  I imagine she is trying to tell us, "He was over there and now he's up here!"

1.  Claire was pretending to be me when she took her purse, waved to me (I was Claire) and said, "Bye honey, I have to go to work, be a good girl."  I asked her what she did at work and she told me, "At work, I have to do all the boring things in the world.  If you and Natalie came with me to work all you'd do is sit there because my work is SO BORING."  Apparently, Claire thinks selling brick & stone is a boring job.  Trust me it sounds much more boring than it really is!

I hope everyone has a great weekend!  If you are looking for some more laughs, be sure to check out Melissa and the other great blogs that have linked up!


Friday, November 9, 2012

Top Five Saturday Laughs :: 11.10.12

Friday nights are much less anti-climatic when I know I have to go to work onSaturday morning!  Thankfully, I only work until noon.  I am looking forward to celebrating my amazing mom's birthday on Sunday!

I had a bunch of laughs so choosing five was rather challenging, so if that is my worst problem for the weekend  - I'll take it!

5.  Claire was looking at an old photo of Ryan and I (before he started shaving his head).  She asked me, "Mommy, who is with you in this picture?"  Ryan walked in the room just in time to hear the question and told her that he was in the picture with me.  Claire looked at him crooked and responded, "But you have hair daddy, that can't be you!"

4.  The girls love to play dress-up, they seriously play all the time.  One night after their baths, they decided they needed to put on their tu-tu's.  Natalie was so excited that she ran around the house, shrieking "TU-TU!!"

3.  I am a huge snuggler.  I love to cuddle with the girls and kiss their cheeks all the time.  Thankfully, Claire has started to become a little love bug too.  She gave me a random kiss and smacked her lips late.  She quickly said, "Let me do that again, my kiss didn't come out right!"

2.  Whenever Ryan or I sit on the floor, Natalie runs up to us, taps our head while saying "duck".  Then she runs away giggling hoping we will chase her.  I guess she's a little young to understand duck, duck, goose :)

1.  On Election Day, Claire's friends at daycare were able to go vote with their parents.  I voted after I dropped the girls off and Ryan went at night.  Claire was distraught when Ryan was going to leave saying, "Daddy, but I want to go boating too.  All of my friends got to go boating today, ppppllleeeeaaaasssseeee take me with you!!!"

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Friday, November 2, 2012

Top 10 October Laughs :: The Catch Up Edition

It has been a solid month since I blogged our family laughs. We have had plenty to laugh about so I have a huge list to choose from to write our October Laughs!  Needless to say, there wasn't any way to choose just five.

These aren't in any order since I had a really hard time trying to decide my favorites.
  • In late September, our very dear friends' son had a birthday party.  We took Claire and left Natalie with my parents (it was her nap time).  They had a pinata and everything!  After we left the party, Claire kept talking about the pe-nayta.  Every time she said the word, she would get angry that it didn't come out like she intended.  I really had to turn my head so she wouldn't see me laughing.
  • We were able to have a face-time chat with Miss Grace one evening before bed.  We even let Claire stay up a little late.  The next time she put the same pajamas on that she wore when we talked, she informed me, "These are the jammies that I wore when we talked to Miss Grace - for real mom."  Is she three or thirteen?
  • Since the weather has not been very nice for playing outside, we have to be creative to keep the kids active while inside.  Our latest family activity is to put on hats, scarves and mittens so we can have a snowball fight (we use bouncy balls).  The girls giggle the entire time!

  • Natalie has an obsession with wearing Claire's clothes, especially her undies.  She puts them on over top of her diaper but never properly.  She puts her waist through the leg holes and every other combination you can think of.  If you try to help her, she runs away.  She is one independent little girl!
  • Claire loves to pretend all the time.  She was playing with my sister and Andria said she was a statue and couldn't move.  Claire responded with "if you're a statue why are your lips moving?"
  • Natalie was running at Miss Cynthia's when she kicked a toy and fell down.  She was upset that her foot hurt so she bent down kissed her toes and ran off to play again.
  • I have a box of my old barbies that Claire loves to play with.  Her latest obsession is with the Ken dolls.  One of the Ken dolls is a rocker Ken with rather large hair (80's rocker) and the other is a traditional malibu Ken (he was wearing a swim suit).  Claire was examining the Ken dolls when she said, "I like the naked Ken.  He's more handsome."  Her dad will be so proud.  
  • One day Claire ran out into the living room as a lion

  • Claire's birthday is March 1st.  When Miss Cynthia asked her when her birthday was, she answered, "Marched up".  
  • As I said before, we have had some nasty weather here lately, cold and rainy.  We decided to bring the bounce house inside to let the girls burn off some energy.  You have to check out this video of what happened shortly after. 
That girl is a daredevil!  

Happy November!  I hope to be able to blog our laughs weekly again this month!!


Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween

As I mentioned in our Trunk or Treat post, we had a low-key Halloween planned.  Of course, it was busy fitting everything in after work but a ton of fun!!

I left work a little early and picked up the girls from daycare.  Ryan met me with pizza at my parents house.  My sister and her husband brought Tyler over too so we able to have some cousin time!  The girls scammed Grandma and Grandpa out of a ton of candy (ask Natalie how to get anything from Grandpa - she has that figured out!), played and entertained Tyler (see photo below).

After a little dinner, some more candy and lots of photo attempts we headed for Ryan's mom and step-dad's house. We got to meet up with Ryan's sister Jessica and her son Cameron.  So the girls got double cousin fun for the evening!  Instead of eating their candy while we were there, the girls opted for ice cream (what else do you get while trick or treating at a house with an ice cream truck).  Then the kids had a great time in the bathtub.  

Happy Halloween from Doc McStuffins and Natty Zebra!!