Saturday, March 3, 2012

Top 5 Saturday Laughs 3.5.12

What a busy and exciting week!  As of Thursday, we officially have a THREE year old!  We have been in full birthday mode around our house.  We are looking forward to the big birthday party tomorrow with our family and friends.

In between all the birthday fun and a sick, teething baby we still managed to have quite a few laughs this week.

5.  I was having issues with my voicemail on my cell phone this week and could not retrieve messages for whatever reason.  Ryan is my personal 'geek-squad' so I made a comment to him about the voicemail being screwed up.  Before Ryan could even answer, Claire piped up, "I can help you mommy!"

4.  Natalie has been very into giving kisses lately.  When I tell her it is time for night-night, she instantly opens her mouth wide open to kiss everyone before heading to bed, big ol' wet sloppy baby kisses.  Makes me laugh every time!

3.  We gave Claire a microphone and stand for her actual birthday.  It is perfect for her since she loves to be the center of attention.  She takes the microphone and stands on stage (the fireplace hearth) where she then performs.  This morning, she decided she was going to be a comedian and tell a joke.  The performance went something like this:
C: "Ladies and gentlemen, introducing Claire"
*hits applause button* while Natalie and I clap from the couch
C: "What does a cat read in the morning"
Me: "I don't know"
C: "The meeoowwspaper"
Hysterical laughing ensued.

2.  I was cooking dinner one night and Natalie was playing in the pantry.  I couldn't see what she was doing since her body was nearly completely in the pantry.  I opened the door only to discover that she was standing up to the dog food storage container, reaching in and eating the food.  I guess I needed to cook faster!

1.  This final laugh also begins with a performance of Claire's.  She was standing on a play chair with her microphone and told Ryan, "I'm going to get an erection".  Ryan quickly responded, "Do you mean you're going to be the director?!"  Claire said, "yeah" and proceeded to be the "erector" for the rest of the show.  I love the unintentional funny things!

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  1. I love the erection one! That had me laughing so hard!

  2. Erection one is classic!

    Great laughs. Happy Birthday Claire, I hope you enjoy your cupcake party!

  3. Hahahahahaha! Oh my! Claire sounds hysterical!!!

  4. That Claire-- she is just too cute! Oh my goodness.. I want these kisses so badly. I bet it melts your heart when N kisses like that. The erection one cracked me up! THe meows paper. Such cute laughs!! I look forward to hearing all about the bday party! Happy bday again Claire!


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