Friday, February 17, 2012

Top Five Saturday Laughs 2.18.12

This week has been super busy for us, so I am thankful that the weekend is here!  I love writing these posts and this week is no exception to that rule.


5. I don't know if you'd call this a laugh or just plain pathetic, but I finally took down all of my Christmas decorations this past week. I had taken down all the super Christmas stuff (tree, stockings, centerpieces) but I still had plenty of snowmen and garlands on the shelves.  I was just glad to get it down before Claire's birthday in a couple of weeks.  

4.  I've written about the game where Claire wipes off my kisses and I make a big deal about it.  She thinks it is hysterical and I get tons of kisses.  I made the comment that I didn't want to see her wipe off anymore kisses. She responded that I should just close my eyes and proceeded to wipe off the kisses with giggles.

3.  Natalie is becoming quite the daredevil.  The girl has no fear.  She will climb everything in site.  She was climbing at daycare one day and her daycare provider called her a daredevil.  She clapped with delight at the name and Claire said, "My daddy calls her that, but my mommy calls her a stinker."  Oh the things she must hear!

2.  Claire and Natalie were playing the movie, "Bolt" together.  Really, Claire was playing Bolt and made Natalie be Bolt the dog.  Claire was calling Natalie to her, "Come here Bolt. Come here!" Natalie just sat up on her knees and shook her head no.  She wouldn't budge as long as Claire called her Bolt.  We've got two strong willed girls on our hands!

1.  My favorite laugh of the week happened in the morning as we were getting out of the car at daycare.  Claire always has her sippy cup with juice and her breakfast during the ride since we can't ever seem to get breakfast in at home.  I asked Claire to hand me her juice cup and pancakes.  She then informed me that she didn't have juice and pancakes, she had beer and candy corn.  I have NO idea where this came from, but it cracked me up. 


  1. Bahaha! #1 is my favorite! Out of the mouths of babes! Have a great weekend! :)

  2. LOL, beer and candy corn! Way too funny!

    Little Bear climbs EVERYTHING in our house. I'm glad to see I'm not alone!

    Found you (again) through the blog hop. :)

  3. Hhahahahahahhahahaha I think you really gave her beer and candy corn and you're just saying it was pancakes and juice lol! Hilarious!

    Cupcakes is trying to climb on stuff too - eep!

    For Love of Cupcakes

  4. Haha- hysterical! Beer and candy corns- I love it. The breakfast of champions. I also took down my Christmas decorations last weekend. So cute with N being a daredevil. I think Z is heading down that route too. Loved your laughs:)

  5. Haha, beer and candy corns.. too funny! Love that you just took the christmas decorations down :)

  6. When my third was little, she would climb everything. Her great aunt, 92 at the time, would call her, "Her little toughie."

  7. Hahaha! Beer and candy corn. That is awesome!

  8. Beer and candy corn! That is too funny! One of my daughter's earlier words was beer. Of course, she had to happily announce it in the middle of Costco.

    Following you from the blog hop.

    Mel S

  9. Beer and candy corn?!! LOL!! Don't know where they come up with that stuff.


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