Friday, February 3, 2012

Our Sleep Training Journey :: Day 3

I'm not really certain if we made progress on day three, but we did not go backwards.  I was certainly more tired today, but I am always tired by the end of a week.

Here is how our night went yesterday:

7:45 - Natalie in bed awake
8:02 - Asleep with hardly any crying, just the initial protest when I walked out of the room

10:40 - Dreamfeed, 7 minutes.  Natalie didn't wake up at all, put her back in bed with no response.

2:00 - Dreamfeed, 6 minutes.  Natalie woke up when I put her in bed, but rolled over and went right back to sleep.

4:35 - Woke up, stood and screamed in bed for a few minutes, continued to fuss on and off while laying down and rolling around
4:50 - Asleep

5:00 - Scheduled dreamfeed.  However, Claire woke up when her pull-up leaked and I went in to change her bedding.

5:12 - Natalie started screaming while wrapping up with Claire.  This was such a bummer since I was just about to head to her room to feed her!  She was fussing a little more than she had 45 minutes earlier, but not enough where we felt like we had to do our check-ins.  She was laying down for the most part.  Ryan and I agreed that it would probably just cause her to be more upset if we went in.
5:27 - She was laying still and quiet.  I decided to wait five minutes before I went to dreamfeed her.
5:32 - Headed to her room to dreamfeed.  Natalie cried as I was about to open her door.
5:37 - Dreamfeed while pseudo-awake

7:45 - Woke Natalie up

Natalie made progress by decreasing the number of times that she was awake.  In addition, she slept her longest consecutive stretch (8:00-4:30).  However when she was awake the fussing increased and it seemed to take her longer to settle down both times.  I am not sure if this is an improvement or more of a lateral move.  I am hoping to see very real progress over the weekend!

Please keep the sleep prayers coming!  I so thankful that I am seeing progress, but I know that our dreamfeeds are getting shorter.  We are getting closer to stopping them all together.  This makes me nervous, since she hasn't increased her daily calorie intake very much.  I don't want her waking out of hunger (or the habit of eating) and setting us back.

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  1. Oh man. Sleep training is some hard work. I feel for you and will keep you in my thoughts that the sandman will come visit your DD.


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