Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Our Sleep Training Journey :: Day 1

It wasn't as bad as I originally thought it would be. It almost felt a little too good to be true!  Here is how our night went:

7:45 - Nursed Natalie and tried to keep her awake
8:00 - In her crib awake, standing and screaming when I left the room
8:05 - Laid down
8:11 - Asleep
Since she has been able to put herself down initially, I was not terribly excited at this point and I just waited for her to wake up.

10:03 - Woke up, standing and screaming
10:07 - Laid down
10:08 - Asleep
This was a victory since she had yet to do this.  Granted, I was always very quick to get her and feed her in an attempt to keep her from fully waking up.  I didn't nurse her and she went right back to sleep!

11:08 - Go in room to get her up to dreamfeed, realized that Natalie had a messy diaper and had to be changed.  Dreamfeed for 10 minutes first since I didn't want her to fall asleep nursing after the diaper change
11:18 - Diaper change
11:20 - In her crib, standing and screaming when I left the room
11:20 and 30 seconds - Laid down
11:21 - Asleep

11:35 - Woke up, standing and screaming
11:39 - Laid down, she was still a little fussy (protesting cries rather than screams)
11:48 - Asleep

2:38 - Dreamfeed - wouldn't eat longer than 7 minutes
2:45 - In her crib and asleep

5:10 - Woke up, standing and screaming
5:12 - Laid down
5:35-6:00 - Restless, rolling around and fussing but not awake
6:02 - Asleep, I went in to dreamfeed
6:09 - In her crib and asleep

7:45 - Began to move around, I went in and woke her up

I am encouraged after night one since it seems to be working.  She is actually putting herself back to sleep!!  Not only that, but she did not get up from 11:48-5:10, that's the longest stretch she's had in a very long time.  I realize that this is just the beginning and we are far from the end, but I am hoping that she gets it soon!!

For her naps today, I asked her daycare provider to wait at least two hours before putting her down for the morning nap.  She did as I requested, but Natalie just laid there quietly for an hour and a half without sleeping.    She took nearly a three hour nap in the afternoon.  I really hope that she's not over-tired tonight.  Time will tell.

As I wrap up this post, Natalie is in bed.  She went down at 8:02, laid down almost immediately and then alternated between laying, sitting and standing with some crying.  She was asleep at 8:10.

I appreciate all the encouragement and prayers!! I can truly feel the strength from them.  I am no longer anxious over the process, I have a peace that this needs to be done for all of us.  I am praying that night two is an improvement.


  1. Keep going mommy!! After a few nights she is going to get the hang of this. I have done it twice and it was the best decision I ever made. It seems to be going very well! Sending prayers your way...although I am still awake at all hours with my 2.5 year. Totally different story though lol.

  2. Good luck! We had Licoln perfected and then he got sick and got cuter and mommy gave in and now he's untrained! So I guess I am saying that my advice is stick to it no matter what!

    1. I will have to remember that, I am afraid that she will get her sister's cold and set us back. Time will tell!

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks Tracy! Hope your kids are sleeping better too :)

  4. I'm very proud of you! The theory is right there in the sounds like Natalie had it in her all along to put herself back to sleep, but most of us...just rush right in to have less fuss to deal with. You will have such a happier, well rested family by doing this. Keep it up!

    1. It was totally me the whole time. I was way too inconsistent. She didn't know what to expect and it left us both frustrated.

  5. I can going to keep following this journal because I need help too!

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