Sunday, March 25, 2012

Top Five Saturday {Sunday} Laughs

I'm pretty late in posting our weekly laughs this weekend, things have been rather busy!  I hope everyone had a great weekend.  Today is simply beautiful here and I am looking forward to when the girls wake up from their naps so we can go outside and play.

I hope you enjoy our laughs, I think they are pretty funny!

5. One morning I put on a pair of very plain sandals.  Claire looked at my feet and told me that my shoes were "not pretty".  She then proceeded to find my colored beaded sandals so that I could have pretty shoes to wear to work.  I don't think I will be wearing the plain ones ever again.

4.  Natalie has been a baby-signing machine lately.  She really gets into the signs.  My favorite is "all-done" after she eats.  If we don't get her out of the high-chair fast enough, she violently waves her arms around signing "all-done".  I crack up every time.

3.  Friday was a rather rainy day.  We were sitting at the dinner table when Claire taught us about tornadoes.  She told us, that "tornadoes are very bad storms with very big winds."  When we asked her where she learned about it, she informed us that she "read it in a book."  That girl cracks me up!

2.  Natalie wore her first ponytail this week.  It was adorable!

1.  There is a little boy at Claire's daycare who loves to make the girls scream by pretending to be a monster and chasing the girls around the house.  Apparently, he is very scared of bees and wasps, so Claire retaliated by pretending to be a wasp and chased him around the house buzzing the whole time. I had to tell her that she should be a kind friend, but inside I was really laughing!

Bonus laugh:  Claire was playing with her baby when she decided that baby needed milk.  



  1. Great laughs! That pic of her pony tale is adorable and Claire gathering milk, lmao! Hope you have a great time playing outside.

  2. Too funny with your shoes! I love that you are doing sign with her. I have been slacking with Zane but want to do it more. Look at her ponytail! Can she be any cuter:) The best one is the milk!! HAHA- also #1. Hope you had a great weekend. Loved your laughs:)


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