Sunday, April 1, 2012

Top 5 Saturday Laughs 3.31.12

Happy Saturday Sunday!  We have had a good but very busy weekend.  I just realized yesterday that I had forgotten to write thank-you notes for Claire's birthday - from the beginning of March - yikes!!  We also went to a going away party and a wedding.  I'm also starting to plan Natalie's birthday party that is in less than two weeks.

As my girls get older, the things they do get more hysterical and it is getting hard to pick only five laughs!  Here are the best ones from this week.

5. Natalie is becoming a big girl so fast!  She enjoys the 'so big' game very much.  When we ask her "How big is Natalie?" She quickly stands up, puts her arms over her head and squeals in delight as we respond "SO big!"

4. Claire was bound and determined to find a Ken doll in my box of Barbies this week.  When we finally went to the basement to find a Ken, she was so excited.  She raced upstairs and went right to work making Ken and Barbie fall in love.  She explained to me, "I need to help them fall in love since they can't stand up on their own."  Everyday, Ken and Barbie fall in love all over again.

3. Last Sunday, I gave the girls a bath at my parents house.  Normally, Claire has to be the one by the faucet, however Natalie had the unique opportunity to actually sit in the privedleged spot.  It may be the last time, since Natalie reached up and turned the shower on, spraying Claire.  As Claire screamed, Natalie and I laughed hysterically.  After the shower was turned off, Claire told us the incident was not that funny and we really shouldn't have laughed.  This made it even funnier in my opinion - HA!

2.  We have tons of doll bottles and cups for the massive amount of babies at our house.  Most of the time they are all over the floor (as are the majority of the toys).  Natalie was apparently thirsty since she tried to drink from every single one, throwing them down in disgust every time she realized they didn't have real liquid in them.

1.  The girls' daycare provider got their golf cart out this week and took the kids on rides throughout the neighborhood.  Claire loved it and told us that she really needed a golf cart of her own.  She told us we could get her a pretty pink and purple one from Target.  Do you think we go to Target often?

As always, I'm linking up with Melissa from The MommyHood Chronicles - it is her son Zane's first birthday weekend and all her laughs are about him!  Happy Birthday Zane!!


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  1. So funny with #5- Zane just started doing so big today too! That is too funny with Ken and Barbie-lmao! Too funny- poor Natalie thinks they are real! Too funny- my type of girl- a Target girl! Love your laughs! Thank you for the bday wishes for Zane. Your turn in 2 weeks! We had a very nice weekend!


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