Saturday, March 17, 2012

Top 5 Saturday Laughs 3.17.12

Happy weekend!  We have had the most gorgeous weather here lately and today is looking beautiful.  It has been so wonderful to get out and play outside.  My favorite part is not bundling up the kids when we leave the house, I was actually on time a few days this week!!

I am thankful that my girls are finally feeling better!  I am hoping that this trend continues :)

Here are our laughs from the week:

5.  Claire had an awful ear infection last week.  Last Thursday her right eardrum ruptured and then last Saturday her left eardrum ruptured.  This created major drainage and discomfort for Claire.  When her ear drained, Claire told me that her ear was peeing.  It is an awful thing, but her description made me laugh.

4.  Natalie is a strong willed little girl.  Big time!  She has been on a green bean strike for the last month or so.  She will not eat them - at all.  I got a text at lunchtime one day from her daycare provider.  She had tried to sneak a bite of green beans in with a bite of hotdogs.  Natalie spit the green bean out and then refused to eat anymore hotdog.  She could be more stubborn than Claire!  I feel bad for Ryan...

3.  Claire has an endless supply of play phones.  She loves to play with them, typically talking.  While we were playing, Claire told me to grab my phone so that we could text each other. I wonder who she learns that from?!

2.  We played outside as much as possible the past week. Since Natalie isn't walking yet (I cannot wait for her to finally do so!), I have been trying to be creative with how she can play.  She swings, plays in the walker on the concrete and hangs out in the bijourn.  We were in the front yard, so I had taken Natalie out of the bijourn and let her down on the sidewalk leading to the house.  She was crawling on the sidewalk and decided to venture into the yard, or so she thought.  She got one hand on the grass and sat straight up. The look on her face was priceless!  Needless to say, I found a way to contain her to one area since she will not crawl in the grass.

1.  One morning, Claire and Natalie woke up at nearly the same time.  I got Claire from her room first and brought her to the living room to watch cartoons.  I then went into Natalie's room to feed her.  As I was feeding Natalie, I heard Claire in the pantry.  Pretty soon, Claire came running into Natalie's room.  She asked, "Where do we keep the honey mama?"  I asked her why she needed the honey.  She responded, "because I am having honey nut cheerios for breakfast!"  HA!  I had to explain to her that the honey was baked on the cheerios.  I couldn't believe that she had gotten the cereal out of the pantry and poured it in a bowl.  All she needed for me to do is pour the milk.

I hope you all have an awesome weekend!

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  1. We have the same problem trying to find ways to let Bailey play outside without having her crawl around in the grass, especially with all of the fire ants in our neighborhood. Hopefully, they will both be walking soon! And these second babies with their stubborn streaks, oh my!

  2. Haha, too cute! So said about Claire and her ears, poor little thing. Those are awful. Love laugh number one, clever!

  3. Poor Claire and her ears :(

    Too cute that she can pour her own cereal!

  4. Oh no with Claire! How sad but what she said was so cute! Haha with grabbing the phone to text each other. So cute! I love the picture of her with her hand in the grass. Oh my goodness, I love the honey nut cheerio laugh- too cute. And once you get her to pour her milk, you are all set! Love your laughs!!


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