Friday, March 9, 2012

Top 5 Saturday Laughs 3.12.12

We have had a challenging week in our house!  Natalie has had Abuetoral breathing treatments since last Friday and she is finally starting to move air better.  Claire came down with croup, an ear infection and pink eye on Tuesday and spent the majority of the week at home with Ryan and myself.  Today, I took her back to the pediatrician since she wasn't feeling much better.  I found out that she has a perforated eardrum.  We've been to the pediatrician's office three times in the last week!   Of course, we did have some rays of sunlight through all this.  I desperately need to replace the bad memories with these funny things!

5. Claire wanted to play restaurant this week with Ryan.  She wanted him to be the server.  She handed him her water and the rest of the zebra cake she was eating.  When he asked her for her order, she told him she wanted sprite and a zebra cake.  After getting her meal, she looked at Ryan and said, "I need something else my maaan."   Giggles erupted after that!

4.  When Natalie waves, she waves like she is in a parade.  It is so funny to see the big girl wave out of a little baby!

3.  Since Natalie is on Abuetoral for her wheezing, Claire likes to help give her little sister her nebulizer treatments.  During one of Natalie's coughing spells, Claire told me that Natalie needed her "A gorillia" so she would stop coughing.

2.  Ryan stayed home with the girls on Thursday.  He was texting me photos throughout the day of the girls.  I got one during breakfast, lunch and watching cartoons.  The best text I received said this: "Natty had a poop so big it came out the leg & filled her jammies down to her toes!!!! TO. HER. TOES. #notkidding"
I cannot explain how hard I laughed at this!! It is always funny when someone else has to deal with the blowout plus the hashtag in the text. #priceless

1.  I was reading a book with Claire when she pointed at a mole on my arm and asked what it was.  I told her that it was a mole.  She responded, "That's where Santa was."  It took me a minute, but I eventually told her that Santa was at the mall and not the mole :)

Here's to hoping for a healthy week next week.  I'm going to head over to The Mommyhood Chronicles and read the funny blogs since I could use a good laugh!



  1. I'm sorry to hear that sickness has invaded your home, but at least you have a few laughs to get your through the tough time! I am sure the beauty queen wave is adorable...and (THANKFULLY) it's been a long time since we've had a blowout here. Much funnier when it's someone else cleaning it up for sure! :)

  2. Haha, oh man. Kids are hilarious. I love that she waves like she is in a parade, too cute! I agree, always hilarious when someone else has to deal with the blowouts ;) lol

  3. Haha! So funny that we both had explosions on our lists this week! Only you lucked out in not cleaning it up ;)
    So sorry that the girls are still sick. Lord hear our prayers in our hearts for healthy kids, please and thank you!

    Your laughs are too cute this week. Love the waves like a big girl :) Charlie still uses both hands and waves backwards.

    Hope the girls get better and you get to enjoy your weekend. Is it SPRING yet?!

  4. had good laugh here... can't get over with the mole part :)

  5. Haha- she needs something else! Love it! We need to see her big girl wave- too cute! She might need a gorilla with all that treatment! Oh my gooodness- we also had a poop explosion this week! Oh my goodness- I would have spit out my coffee! Haha with Santa and the mole. Love your laughs! So cute. I really hope they feel better. You need a break mama and they need to fill good!

    1. I just reread my comment. I was exhausted when I commented so please ignore spelling mistakes:) Have a great Sunday!


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