Saturday, January 28, 2012

Top 5 Saturday Laughs

Happy weekend!  It is a snowy Saturday here once again, but the sun is shining.  This was the first week I have worked five consecutive days since before Christmas.  I didn't have to take any time off for sick kids!!  Natalie is improving, however she still has rash flare-ups on occasion.


I am thankful to have had lots of laughs to choose from this week!!

5.   We had gone out to dinner one weeknight this week {gasp!} and our server had asked Claire her name.  Without missing a beat, she responds, "Violet."  When I questioned her about it, she said that she was Claire at home and while away from home or daycare she was Violet.  Turns out, she asks her friends and daycare provider to address her as Violet most days.  She has a HUGE imagination!

4.  Natalie has discovered the art of being chased.  She loves it.  She screeches in delight as you chase her.  This also goes for the times where you need to get her to change her diaper, get her to eat or put her coat on to leave the house.  I can't help but laugh, she has so much joy when crawling away!

3.  The girls and I were playing in Claire's room, when Claire opened her closet door.  In a very excited tone, she exclaimed, "What do you know, Belle is in my closet?!"  After she says silly things such as that I often respond with, "You crack your mother up."  After her Belle statement, I started laughing to which she responded, "I know, I crack my mother up!"  Ryan was downstairs and wondered what I was laughing so hard about.

2.  I took Natalie in our room to the full length mirror, she was so excited to see her reflection.  She squealed and eventually started saying "be-be" while touching the mirror.  It was seriously adorable!  Claire came in to see what we were doing and exclaimed, "That's the funniest thing I ever saw!"  My girls make me laugh!!

1.  Often when I'm making dinner I put Natalie in her highchair with a snack to contain her.  One evening, Claire wanted to feed Natalie.  Typically she gives her a few puffs on her tray, however this night she got the idea that Natalie needed the ENTIRE container of puffs on her tray.  I didn't realize what was going on, but looked over to a mound of puffs.  I took this photo after some had been cleaned up.

Notice our chubby beagle waiting for puffs to fall :)

Happy weekend everyone!!  


  1. I am glad Natalie is improving first off! In terms of your laughs, I love them! Oh, I love the first story- Violet! What a smart and imaginative girl! I love the chase game. Zane goes so fast but if I chase him, he just doesnt get it-lol. Haha- I love that she poured out the whole container! Too funny! I can see H doing that! BTW, I love your kitchen!

  2. Cute stories! thanks for sharing, My 3 year old still loves to do something and get chased, including when you need them to stay. lol
    I love your girls imagination! Claire Violet is a nice name.. lol! :)

    Found you over at the SatLaughs bloghop :)

  3. Aw, these were good ones! :) Your girls sound so full of life and so funny! (not to mention their adorableness). I can relate to your fat beagle... we have a fat puggle that is permanently placed under my 2 year old's high chair.

    I came over from the Laugh linkie -- now I'm your newest follower! I'd love if you could stop by Gumdrop Pass sometime.

    Have a great weekend :)

  4. I love your laughs always!! Such cute kids you have there!

  5. Ha, I cannot believe that C likes to be called Violet. That is the funnest thing ever.

    Logan also has dumped the entire container of puffs on Charlie's tray. He then also helps her eat them! (just like your beagle)

    So cute!! Great laughs


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