Friday, January 13, 2012

Top 5 Saturday Laughs

I am so excited to focus on some laughs of the week!  Natalie came down with a nasty cold, ear infection and croup.  The poor girl was totally miserable.  In my human nature, I would have only remembered this from the past week if I had not been documenting our laughs.  After reviewing my list, I was so excited to actually have enough laughs where picking five is hard!  Yet one more reason why I LOVE these posts!!

5.  Changing Natalie's diapers these days is nothing short of trying to put socks on an octopus (thanks Ryan for the metaphor).  For this reason, I often take the changes in steps.

  • Step 1. Diaper off, wiped off and clean diaper on (this is a victory if she hasn't rolled over at least once in this process or I have her dangling by her ankles pleading to stop moving) 
  • Step 2: Break for both of us 
  • Step 3: Pants back on.  

Often times, step 2 is quite long since getting her to cooperate is so challenging.  I had left Natalie's pants on the floor and when I went to put them back on her, I couldn't find them.  I asked Claire where they had gone and she throws her blanket off her lap to reveal that she had put them on.  I couldn't stop laughing and both girls started laughing too!

4.  This one requires a little history.  I have a younger sister and when we were kids, I would often pretend she was my dog.  She had a cage (either a laundry basket or small flower fencing) that she lived in, she had special food (cold water with oatmeal - not cooked) and a leash.  So it was especially funny when Claire pretended that Natalie was her dog this week.  She ran from room to room, calling Natalie, "Come here silly doggy, coommmee here."  Natalie thought is was so fun getting undivided attention from her sister and crawled her little heart out.   I, of course, took a video and sent it to my sister :-)

3.  I have blogged about this before, but my dad loves to do this chant, "Grandpa is great!" Claire always comes back with, "Mommy is great".  They were going back and forth with this, when my dad changed it up saying, "Mommy is great".  Right on cue, Claire exclaims "Grandpa is gr- ... HEY you're not great"

2.  One evening before bed the girls were eating their snacks and Natalie was having a fruit pouch (which we call smoothies).  She had put her pacifier back in her mouth while Ryan was in the process of feeding her.  Ryan told her if you want more smoothie you have to take out your pacifier.  He hadn't even finished the word pacifier when she projected it out of her mouth.  I guess she wanted more!

1.  When my sister was pregnant, Claire gave the baby a womb-name of Boots.  Throughout Andria's pregnancy, Claire repeatedly told us that Aunt Andria had Boots in her tummy and she had baby Dora in her tummy.  After Boots was born, we explained to Claire that his name was Tyler.  Baby Boots may have made an entrance, but baby Dora is still in Claire's tummy.  This week she made the following statement in her most matter-of -fact voice:  "On my birthday, baby Dora is going to turn into a baby Tyler and come out."  I don't know where she comes up with this stuff!

Make sure you come and join the fun, or at least laugh with us this week!



  1. Haha These are great!

    Number 3 is my favorite. Something my kids would say :)

  2. LOL at #1!! And I love number 5 - our Diaper Change routine is the same! Except sometimes we have another break between the wiping and new diaper. Hahahaha @ socks on an octopus!!

    For Love of Cupcakes

  3. These are hysterical!! The diaper changing act has me cracking up. I can relate:) I love that she spit the pacifier out as the food comes near her! Girl, likes her food. I can't blame her. Love #1. the things they come up with. You made me laugh:)


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