Sunday, January 8, 2012

Happy 9 Months Natalie Sue!

Wow, Natalie is 9 months old!  Lately, she seems so old to me.  It could be because I have a three week old nephew Tyler, it could be that 9 months is only 3 months away from the big first birthday {gasp!} or it could just be the fact that she's hardly doing any baby things any longer!

Photo property of  Photography by Jen

Here are some of Natalie's milestones:
  • She is pulling up and cruising on everything!  She crawls super fast when necessary, but prefers to be standing and walking.  She knows how to get back down rather gracefully as well.  
  • Natalie took steps on two separate occasions.  Only one step before she fell and Ryan and I were both home to witness it!  She sometimes forgets that she can't walk and takes off like her legs will do what her brain wants to.  
  • Not that she's ever enjoyed baby food, but she loves to eat whatever we are eating and in massive amounts.  She's starting to handle larger pieces.  She can also take bites out of crackers and softer foods.  Her nursing sessions are getting more like quick drinks and she's taking less milk during the day from her bottle. She loves drinking water from straw cups too.
  • Natalie is no longer toothless!  One of those two nasty bottom teeth that has made its way through.  However, that second one is just an inflamed mess.
Photo property of  Photography by Jen

  • She is mimicking like a parrot.  If you cough in the same room, she coughs.  When Claire shrieks, Natalie is right behind her mimicking tone and duration.  If we want her to do something, we have to convince Claire to do it first.  
  • She said "be-be" once, but hasn't said it again.  
  • Natalie will also wave bye-bye.  It is super adorable, I really hope to get a photo sometime soon
Photo property of  Photography by Jen

  • Natalie had her first ear infection this past week, poor thing was miserable.  We are hoping she doesn't follow in the footsteps of her big sister with chronic ear infections. 
In case you wondered, I am still waiting for that sleep through the night milestone.  I am hoping that 2012 is my year to get a full nights sleep!

*I would like to give a special thanks for the spectacular photos featured in this post!  They were taken by my wonderful friend, Jen. Stop by and 'like' her Facebook page, Photography by Jen.  I will post more photos at a later date from the session.  Also, both outfits are from Sofia Bella Couture my new favorite place to look for adorable outfits for both girls. 


  1. She is just gorgeous! Still waiting for z to pull up. Happy 9 months baby girl!

  2. Awe! Happy 9 months to miss Natalie! She is absolutely adorable. So cute how shes mimicking everyone. I love this age, its so fun to see them grow and learn so much in such a few short months, but still sad at the same time. lol.

  3. So cute! I do not know how I missed this post. (actually, I do. 3 kids lol)


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