Friday, January 6, 2012

Top 5 Saturday Laughs

Hi all!  I am beyond honored that Melissa asked me to do a guest post on her blog while she is away! (Thanks again Melissa!!) So these laughs will be posted here and on The Mommyhood Chronicles site.  If you haven't before, check out some of the awesome giveaways she has going on.

We had lots of choices for our laughs this week, but here are our top five:

5.  For Christmas, Claire received the Little People nativity scene.  She has been obsessed with nativity scenes since last Christmas, particularly Baby Jesus. So this was a perfect gift for her - one she can't break!  All week it has been a requirement that she sleeps with Baby Jesus.  On Tuesday, she went to bed without him.  Of course, this didn't fly and she had to have him in bed with her.  She then proceeded to send me out looking for him while describing what I was to be looking for; "He's got white clothes, yellow hair and lays in the hay."  Thankfully, her description allowed me to find Baby Jesus, I don't think I would have found him otherwise.

4.  Natalie has figured out how to push her older sister's buttons already.  The favorite thing of the week is to crawl down to Claire's room and steal her pacifiers from her bed.  (Yes, we still have those retched things, but they have to stay in her bed - that's our next battle!)  Natalie knows just what she is doing as she squeals in delight while crawling down the hallway with Claire's pacifier in her mouth!

3.  I am unable to wear most jeans without having my 'coin-slot' (aka butt crack) exposed while sitting on the floor to play with the girls (please tell me I'm not alone here!).  Claire took notice one day and unbeknownst to me played me like a slot machine.  When I used the restroom later, I discovered a small hair-tie in my undies.  When I asked Claire if she had put it down my pants, she giggled and ran away.

2.  Natalie is getting even faster at crawling and cruising.  If you turn your head for 2 seconds she's out of the room headed for something that she's not supposed to get into.  Ryan and I were in the kitchen one day while keeping a watchful eye in the living room for Natalie.  Or so we thought.  Claire soon exclaims, "Hey Natty, you can't have chips!"  Claire had left a small bowl of Pringles withing reach of her sister.  Natalie decided that she didn't need small bites anymore and a giant Pringle was more her speed!  She really just wants to do whatever her big sister is doing :-)

1.  I can't do this laugh justice by just writing, so I must show the video:

"How do I look?"  We seriously laughed until we cried!

It's hard to believe that we are able to say this is the first Saturday Laughs of 2012.  Thank you for letting me share our laughs with you!



  1. That video is hilarious!!! Love it!
    Jen Hopkins

  2. OMG!! All of those were great!! I love #3! Trust me, you are NOT alone... Claire is gonna be a star someday, so make sure to keep that video!!!

  3. LOVED the video! She is too cute! And yes, you are not alone on number 3.

  4. Great stories!!!! Love those two girls!!!!
    Grandpa & Grandma D.

  5. hahahahaa!! sleeping with baby jesus, hair ties in your pants, and that video.. lol. omgsh, your girls are so adorable! :)

  6. BWAHAHAHA! Oh these are the greatest. Number 3. My favorite. And you are NOT alone. My husband is the one who points out my coin slot.


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