Friday, December 2, 2011

Top 5 Saturday Laughs


What a long week!  I only had to work two days last week, so I didn't think this weekend would ever get here!! We are going to get our Christmas tree tomorrow which makes me SO excited.  I love when the house is decorated for Christmas, I really wish it would stay that way for longer than a month!

5.  Claire is the queen of slow moving if she doesn't want to do something.  It seems to be especially true when I am trying to get us ready to leave on time.  For the record, we are NEVER on time, but if I'm there within 10 minutes of supposed to be there time, that's close enough, right?.  One day, she was doing a million other things besides putting on her coat and boots to leave.  I was asking her repeatedly, "Claire, please put on your coat and boots." The last time, I busted out the "Claire - put on your coat and boots NOW!" She responded by stopping whatever she was doing, looked straight at me and said, "Please be patient."  Oh my, now she is using my lines against me!!

4.  Natalie is cruising around the house these days.  Literally, you turn your head and she's across the room.  She does not like it when Claire leaves the room that they are playing in.  She tries so hard to keep up with big sis and Claire normally squeals in delight since her sissy is chasing her.  It brings a smile to my face to see them interact in such a fun way.

3. Claire likes to check if our dogs like whatever food she's eating by dropping it on the floor and seeing if they will eat it.  We had gone out to eat with my family and Claire noticed the mess under her seat after dinner was done.  In her loudest, matter-of-fact voice, she exclaimed that "I made a mess! They need dogs here, then their floor wouldn't be so messy."  She loves to have an audience that's for sure!

2.  Natalie has learned how to blow out this week.  Her new 'trick' is to blow her pacifier across the room.  I have no idea how this came about, but it cracks me up every time!

1.  I took the girls with me to my cousin's house this week for a jewelry party.  Claire didn't want to wear the shirt that she had worn to daycare that day, because she didn't think it was pretty enough for the party.  We didn't have time to change her clothes, so I disregarded the request.  She then asks if she could wash her hands.  I told her it was fine and I was going to get Natalie ready to go.  When I came in the bathroom, she had soaked both sleeves of the aforementioned 'un-pretty' shirt.  "I need a new shirt, this one is wet," was her response.  At the time this made me quite upset since we were already late.  I have since told this story a couple times which has made me realize how funny it really is!


  1. Bwah, I cannot believe that she got her shirt wet on purpose. Stinker! Smart girl though :)
    Good laughs

  2. Oh my goodness!! Hysterical! Please be patient-that is too funny. I love the sisterly bond. It is so cute. The last one takes the cake. She really didn't want that shirt! So clever of her:) I hope you have a great weekend!

  3. #2 is hilarious. That probably would have made me even more frustrated. You had some great laughs!

  4. Both girls act alot like someone I know. I wonder who it could be?


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