Friday, December 30, 2011

Top 5 Saturday Laughs


I cannot believe that this is the final Saturday laughs for 2011!  This year has absolutely flown by, something about having kids makes time go even faster. 2012 will bring a third birthday for Claire and Natalie will be turning one!

My laughs this week are a combination of the last two weeks since I was unable to find the time to write last week with all the celebrations.

5.  My mom sends the girls cards for every holiday through the mail.  Claire loves getting her own letters.  Last week she received her Christmas card that had a kitten on the front.  Claire LOVES cats, she opened the envelope, shrieked at the sight of the cat, hugged the card close to her chest and exclaimed, "A KITTY CARD, JUST WHAT I ALWAYS WANTED!"  She proceeded to run around the house clutching the card all while yelling how much she loved it.  She wouldn't even let me read it because that meant that she had to let it go.

4.  When Natalie was younger she had this laugh that we lovingly named the 'raptor laugh'.  It made a comeback and I captured on video, it is so funny! (This video was shot on my phone, so the sound quality is not the greatest, I had to turn up the volume)

3.  Last week I had a nasty stomach virus that rendered me helpless for two full days.  While I was in bed, Ryan was on Mommy and Daddy duty.  It was during this time that Claire decided that she no longer had to sleep with her pull-up.  Ryan was greeted with a naked tush on both mornings that he woke her up.  He did not tell me about this (or if he did, I don't remember), so the first morning that I got her up I was shocked to see her naked booty!  She thought this was hysterical.  So every morning (or after nap) she is typically naked from the waist down.  Silly girl!!  Thankfully we have only had a couple accidents!

2.  Natalie is getting super mobile super fast!  (She took one step on two separate occasions this week!!)  She now doesn't have time to go around things, so up and over she goes.  It is so funny since she just throws herself over whatever is in her way (see photo below), not worrying about face planting.  I have a feeling that she is going to be our daredevil!
There goes Natalie over mommy's booty

1.  Our most memorable moment of the week was Claire's production.  She decided to sing some made up crazy songs, while standing on her booster seat (that was on the floor in the living room). In addition, she named herself Lady Gaga.  I have no idea if she knows who Lady Gaga really is (we have never listened to Lady Gaga with her or even talked about her that I can recall).  Then she was singing about Mama Gaga, Dada Gaga and Baby Gaga.  I was literally crying over her silly songs, sung in silly voices, but the funniest part was when she told Ryan that he had to be quiet and not sing because he wasn't on stage.  I had tears streaming down my face!

We really do laugh a ton at our house, but sometimes it's hard to describe why these things are funny.  I laugh the hardest at my kids when they are laughing, they can be so silly together.  Since I can't describe this laugh, here is a bonus (phone) video that is a typical evening at our house.

May 2012 be filled with laughs for all of you!!


  1. It's funny to read this and find so many similarities with my two girls! Olivia is the same with going up and over whatever may be in her way! Too cute! Isn't it wonderful how our kids keep us young! : )
    Sara A

  2. These are too cute and funny!

    Charlie is our non daring one. She is very girly about things and is dramatic about it all. She screams when she gets scared. It is the funniest.

    :) Great laughs, cannot wait for the 2012 addition. And I can't believe our baby girls will be one soon. This is describe.

  3. You seriously crack me up! I love the excitement over the hello kitty card- isn't it so funny what makes them laugh! That video is fantastic! I laughed my head off watching it- they are so cute! Ingenious with lady gaga- I am a huge fan so I would be laughing my head off too. Look at Natalie hanging over you. She is so funny!! What great laughs!

  4. LOL! LOVE the "raptor laugh"! Too funny!! :D

  5. Too funny!!! Rebecca is doing the "crawl over everything" as well. She also makes a bee line for the stairs as soon as she is let out of baby jail- family room. If she is out and its quiet we know to immediately check the stairs. One time she was up 4 steps when we found her. Time to put that gate back up.


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