Saturday, December 10, 2011

Happy 8 Months Natalie Sue!

I'm sort of in denial that Natalie is eight months old!  Seriously, where has the time gone?!  As fast as the time has gone, it seems like Natalie continues to move even faster!

Here are some of the months' milestones:
  • Natalie has officially mastered crawling, in every aspect.  She can go from flat on her belly to sitting to crawling and everything in between. If she's going somewhere quickly, she does prefer to army crawl still though.
  • She LOVES to stand, always pulling up on things and is so proud when she accomplishes it.  Every day she starts to stand more and more.

  • Natalie has started shaking her head 'no'. She especially thinks its funny when we laugh at the head shaking and does it even more.
  • Whenever music comes on, she begins to bounce up and down (if she's sitting or kneeling).  It really is super adorable!
  • Her favorite things to play with are not toys.  I think she has realized that her sister takes all the toys she plays with so she has started finding non-toys to play with.  Paper, stickers, shoes, her own socks, Tupperware, cups and milk storage bottles top the list.
  • She has begun exploring the house.  Among favorite things to find:  Dog dishes food or water, no preference as long as something is in them and the doggy door.  
  • Natalie enjoys drinking from a cup, she's starting to get the hang of sippy-cups but much prefers a real cup.

  • She's eating everything that we do and loves it.  We can even get to her eat some baby food purees now, typically mixed flavors.
  • We took Natalie out of the infant carrier and moved her to the convertible carseat.  She did not like being laid down in the infant carrier and car rides are much more pleasant for everyone.
She took one sock off on the ride!

I feel somewhat like a broken record, but we are still waiting for the following milestones:
  • Sleeping through the night.  We are improving and have found a schedule that somewhat works.  We have had 5-6 hours of consecutive sleep about 75% of the time.  I have been researching different sleep training methods, so if you have a good one, let me know.
  • Those bottom teeth are bulging big time and hopefully they will pop through at any point.  I never anticipated still waiting on those little things by eight months!!
She is developing quite the personality is becoming more interactive by the day.  

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  1. I love that our kids are the same age because I can so relate to some of this. Yah, N for eating baby food- I know that was a struggle for you! Zane is not interested in toys either- I get them and he rather play, or shall, I say eat Zanes books. She will sleep thru the night soon. I feel it!! She is truly adorable!


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