Friday, December 16, 2011

Top 5 Saturday Laughs

Where has December gone?!  I swear it was just Thanksgiving and here we are, just a little over a week until Christmas.  I have one more day of shopping for groceries and stocking stuffers, then it's on to the cooking/baking and wrapping.

Enjoy our laughs for the week!!

5.  I have talked about Claire's love for nativity scenes.  The other day she was playing nativity scene in the bathtub.  While peeking in the curtain I could tell that she had a shampoo bottle that was Baby Jesus.  I heard the following, "Who is coming to visit Baby Jesus?  First is the angels on high, then the wise-men."

4. My dad is a super pushover when it comes to Claire.  He does whatever she asks, all the time.  While visiting last Sunday, Grandpa volunteered to get Claire her dessert.  My dad then starts the chant, "Grandpa is great he gives me chocolate cake."  Claire puts her hand in the air and yells, "Stop saying that!  Mommy is great!"  I thought this was hysterical and am still laughing about it, but I don't think my dad thought is was a funny as I did :)

3.  At one point during Sunday's church service our entire family was in the lobby.  There is a live feed to televisions in the lobby and Claire was super excited that Pastor Brad was 'on TV'.  I went back in the service while Ryan stayed with both girls.  Ryan told me that Claire asked for the channel to be changed to a cartoon about two minutes later.

2.  We were brushing the girls' teeth one night.  Natalie doesn't have teeth, but we let her chew on her toothbrush.  We went to find her toothbrush and Claire informed us that she had moved it.  She quickly volunteered to go get it, which was a good thing, we would have never found it under Natalie's changing table.

1.  My favorite laugh of the week is the giggles this one produced before bed one evening.  We moved a playhouse out to the living room for a new obstacle for Natalie to master.  Claire jumped in the middle of the house, while Natalie opened the shutters to see her.  Claire would squeal in delight and quickly shut the shutters while telling Natalie to open the window again.  They were both giggling and screaming and the whole encounter had Ryan and I laughing so hard.  What a wonderful way to end a day!!

Have a great week everyone!!


  1. That last one is super cute! I love little people laughter!

  2. I love it- mommy is great-We are though!! Of course, Claire asked for the channel to be changed. They want to watch cartoons! She is adorable! I love the last one. When everyone is laughing as a family, that is the best! BTW, H has the same jammies as C. And is N standing? Loved your laughs!! You make me smile every week.

  3. Love it! My Mom (Nana to the kids) started a chant "Nanas the best, la la la la" and Logan sings it all the time. He now says our names too!

    Love the shutter one, may favorite too.

  4. Aww, I loved #1, I'm sure it's funny and heartwarming to see your two little girls playing together! I want to get my son something like that to play/climb on.

    New follower from Saturday's Top 5 Laughs! :)

  5. Awww number 5 is SO sweet! And I love your pictures!! :o)

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