Sunday, November 27, 2011

Top 5 Saturday {Sunday} Laughs

I figure I may as well keep with the day late posts this week, since I did My Favorite Things Friday on Saturday,  my Top Five Saturday Laughs get the Sunday spot.  I am amazed how quickly the past five days have gone.  I am not looking forward to a full week of work either!  Having so much time home with my girls really makes it hard to go back to work.  We had lots of laughs this week, but I neglected to write them all down so here are the ones I recall:

5. On Wednesday, the girls and I went out to lunch with my Mother-in-law, sister-in-law and nephew.  We went to Claire's favorite local Chinese restaurant.  Somehow we ended up with all the extra fortune cookies at our house.  Claire ate a couple and wanted to save one for daddy.  When she gave it to him, she told him he had to be careful not to eat the tag, so he had to break it and take the tag out.

4.  While Ryan and I were cleaning up from dinner one evening the girls were playing in the living room on the floor.  Ryan looks over to see Claire picking Natalie up off the ground.  It was a good thing he saw it first and calmly asked Claire to put Natalie down gently, I don't think I would have been as in control!

3.  Claire has been obsessed with playing catch lately. During one of the many games, she looks at me and exclaims, "This is a hard job!"  When I started laughing, she began to fake laughing with me.  This eventually turned into real laughing. She is such a crack-up!

2.  I threw a baby shower for my little sister this weekend.  In the middle of the shower, Claire decided to tell me that we still hadn't given Aunt Andi a shower yet.  Having a toddler makes you realize what a crazy language we have.

1.  One night at dinner, Claire was singing to Natalie.  Natalie then proceeded to make all kinds of noise, mimicking Claire's tone and volume level.  She was totally copying her sister and it was all sorts of funny!  Claire's reaction was that she wanted to sing all by herself, which made it even funnier.

I hope everyone has a great week!!


  1. So cute! I love the fortune cookies. Smart girl! I do the same thing:) Playing catch is a hard job- C is absolutely right. I love the mimicking of each other. They are too cute! And do we get to see shower pictures? Happy Monday:)

  2. SO funny! I love reading these posts every week. Your girls are so cute!


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