Friday, June 29, 2012

Top Five Saturday Laughs 6.30.12

I am happy to report that after today we are finally out of Hand Foot and Mouth Quarantine!  It has been 10 days since Claire's symptoms started and all of her spots are faded and nearly gone.  To celebrate, we are going to our little town's independence day parade.  Claire is actually going to be pulled in her wagon by her grandma (who owns the coolest ice cream truck) while Natalie and I watch.  Later in the evening, we will be going to all the fun activities for kids but skipping the fireworks.  The fireworks are notoriously horrible and with a fireworks extravaganza that grandpa puts on next weekend, I am not ready to keep kids up way to late two weekends in a row.  I am excited to get out the house with the girls.

Since everyone was feeling much more 'normal' this week, we have some good laughs to share.

5.  When Natalie gets excited about something, she will march in place really fast while squealing.  It is quite funny and you can't help but catch her excitement.

4. Claire was being extra silly one night after bath and told me that she was a rapper girl.  She then proceeded to do the most ridiculous booty dance I have ever seen, it was hysterical!  I asked her why she was a rapper and she informed me that it was because she was wrapped up in a towel.  Duh, mom!

3.  I think I have blogged about my husbands obsessive love of the Detroit Tigers before.  One night we were watching the game when he told me that the average life of a baseball is three pitches.  In my major math-geekness, we then proceeded to figure out approximately 243,000 baseballs used in the regular season.  When we got done we couldn't help but chuckle at our combination of his love for the Tigers and my love for math.  And yes, I did just admit to this.

2.  We have spent lots of time playing in the girls inflatable pool during our quarantine time.  One night we allowed Natalie to go in totally naked.  She had a little piddle accident on the deck and I told her that she had gone (trying to get her to remember what it feels like so we can start potty training in the near future).  She caught on to what was happening and decided to squat down every thirty seconds to squeeze out a tiny bit of pee.  She was so proud and would giggle in delight each time!!

1.  I know that Claire's love for the manger scene is something that I have shared before.  She decided to bring it out this week and set it up on her little table.  I was not totally paying attention to her when I heard, "Oh Jesus!" and whipped around in disbelief at what she had said.  I then realized that baby Jesus had fallen off the table.

I hope everyone has a great weekend!  Remember to check out the laughs from the blog hop hosed by Melissa from The Mommyhood Chronicles.


  1. I have an add-on to #1 that I forgot to tell you about. Claire was playing with the manger on Thursday while I was making lunch and suddenly Claire burst into tears. I honestly thought she was seriously hurt or something. I ran over to her and asked her what happened, and she blubbered, "I...I can't remember Jesus' mommy's name!" She was so distressed about it, and while it was a upsetting and sad to see her so upset, it was also a little funny... and such a relief that she wasn't injured or anything! :) Have a great weekend!

  2. oh my goodness! your kiddos are hilarious! Love number 1, haha.

  3. I am so glad she is all better! That is the absolute worst! I hope you had a great weekend at the festivities! Haha- she was wrapped in a towel and she was a rap singer. SHe is just too much! Haha I love that she peed in the pool. #1 is the cutest!! Love your laughs!! xoxo


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