Monday, June 11, 2012

Natalie's Hair Dilemma

Both of my girls are obsessed with hair, they both hold my hair for comfort.  Claire is getting away from this and Natalie has started to play with her own hair.  This is great since she uses it to self-soothe, however not so great when it comes to keeping ponytails (aka - sprouts) in her hair.  Her bangs are getting long and she has the wonderful growth pattern that makes her hair grow forward.  Right into her eyes.  

So the simple solution is to put in a bow, barrette, clip or sprout.  All of which are adorable on her, but none of which she will tolerate.  

She pulls bows, barrettes and clips out immediately.  Sprouts last a little longer since I use those tiny rubberbandish holders, but most days they're out during nap time at the very latest.  She just will not keep them in!  

Any tricks, tips or suggestions? 


  1. She looks adorable! I do not have tips but to just keep putting in the sprouts and hope she gets used to it.

  2. Be persistent!! I know it gets tiring but if she pulls it out put it right back in! She'll get use to it eventually!! Yay for hair though, my Little girl was 18 months before we could even have little sprouts!!


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