Saturday, June 23, 2012

Top Five Saturday Laughs 6.23.12

Laughs have been hard to come by in our house the last two weeks.  Both girls have Hand Foot and Mouth - ugh!  So the laughs this week are a compilation of the last two weeks and I only had six to choose from.  I am hoping for a much more laugh filled week next week!!  

As always, I am linking up with Melissa from The Mommyhood Chronicles and her Saturday Laughs Blog Hop :)  Join us in the fun!!

5.  Claire is officially obsessed with Band-Aids.  She has needed them for every cut, bump or pretend ailment that has plagued her for some time.  With HFM, we have been using them as a coping mechanism and put Band-Aids on all the sores.  I think we went through three boxes this week alone, so I ran to Target one night and bought four different kinds, all of which have a sizable dent in them already.

4.  Natalie loves our dogs, but there is a fine line between petting and pushing.  She was "petting" Molly  when I asked her if she was petting or pushing Molly.  She smiled, shook her head and said "Yeah".  

3. During the summer the girls are watched by my mom and our summer nanny, Miss Grace.  We have the "Dance With Me Baby" (no idea if that is the actual name, but its the song that the thing plays as it dances).  The following is the text that Grace sent me, "Claire was trying to stand the doll up on the carpet but when the doll started dancing it would fall.  Claire kept trying again and again and the doll fell every time.  Claire got a little frustrated (she was probably a whiny mess - so nice of Grace to put it like this) and said, 'Miss Grace, this dolly is being so RUDE.' Ha! Plus, Nati was completely obsessed with the doll for the rest of the day.  We probably listened to that song 50 times!" I love hearing about the fun my kids have while I'm at work!

2.  Natalie was 'singing' into the microphone from the living room while Ryan and I were preparing dinner.  Every time we looked out at her, she would wave at us with one hand while holding the microphone with the other.  It was adorable!

1.  Every night before bed, I say prayers with Claire.  We always pick one person who we are thankful for and the prayer focuses on them.  This week, Claire wanted to say her "thank you God" for Santa since he brings presents.  I think her Christmas list will be long ;-)


  1. Oh my goodness- Hayley would never put a band-aid- she is the exact opposite of Claire. Bandaids scare her. I have no idea why! Too cute with "petting". She loves her dog! You need to get the video of her singing. IT would be cute for the laughs but even better blackmail in the future-lol. Too cute thinking about Christmas already. Yes, you better start saving now. LOL!!!

  2. Bandaids are great! They just seem to make everything better. I'm pretty sure we have the "Dance with me baby" too and I agree with Claire, that thing is pretty rude! Love that she is thinking Christmas already. It was Tyler's 3rd Christmas before he really understood what was going on too. She'll be so excited this year!! :-)

  3. Soooo cute about the bandaids!! My little one is only 9 months old and thankfully we haven't needed bandaids yet (she would just try to eat it even if we did have to put one on her!), but when the time comes for bandaids, I don't know who is going to love them more- her or me! I have such fond memories of them from when I was little. Following you from Top 5 Laughs blog hop. Would love it if you would follow me back.


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