Friday, June 1, 2012

Top Five Saturday Laughs 6.2.12

What a fast moving week!  I know it was short, but it really went quickly.  I have seriously neglected my blog lately and I do feel bad about it, however I can't seem to find the time.  Work is really getting busy so the majority of my computer time at night is now filled up with work that I couldn't get to during normal business hours.  I am going to try to make a point to blog more often since I am horrible at keeping a baby book.  I didn't write a laugh post last week, so I had two weeks of laughs to choose from which makes this post especially hard to write with all the laughs to choose from.

5.  When Natalie goes to bed, I put 3-5 pacifiers in bed with her.  If she can't find one quickly enough in the middle of the night she wakes up super angry  Lately she has gotten in the habit of throwing all but one pacifier out of her bed before she falls asleep. I have to crawl in there to put the rest in her bed before I go to sleep.  I have to give her credit, she doesn't throw them all out since she wants one to lay down with.

4.  I had to go to the doctor this week.  On the way to the exam room, I heard an alarm coming from my purse.  I thought it was my panic button and then realized that my car makes the alarm not the key fob.  After some digging to find the source of the sound, I discovered Claire's Mickey Mouse key-chain that makes all kinds of different noises.  The nurses and I got a good laugh out of that one.

3.  Whenever Natalie gets fussy, Claire puts her finger to her lips and shushes her.  Natalie has now started shushing everything, but she puts her finger up her nose!  I crack up every time and she does it over and over since she knows it is funny.

2.  We had to run some errands as a family last weekend.  I was driving since Ryan hates driving my car (which gets the best fuel economy). We were traveling through a strip mall complex that connects several different businesses.  It isn't the most direct route, but allowed us to avoid a busy street. From the backseat, Claire was yelling, "whoah" with every curve and turn.  As we were approaching out destination, she told me that "you drive crazy mommy, I'm getting dizzy!"

1.  Our dog Boomer is a huge baby of a dog.  He is scared of everything (he hides under the bed when someone sneezes and thunderstorms are a full on panic attack).  In addition, he cries every time we leave the house.  We were going outside to play one evening after dinner and Boomer started whining as soon as we started getting shoes on.  As it is customary, Ryan sternly said, "Boomer" to try to get him to be quiet.  Claire follows up with, "Boomer, knock it off!"  The best was when Natalie, exclaimed, "MER!"  It was so funny!

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  1. If there's anything funnier than a baby putting her finger up her nose, I don't know what it is. :)

  2. She is smart! Zane has 3 pacifiers but throws them all out! Every single one! Fun times with that! That is so funny with Claire alarm! I love that she shushes her- too funny. Haha- MER!! Such cute laughs!!

  3. You have some smart little girls! My munchkin begins her evening with 4 or 5 and always tosses all of them out. Tyler has decided it's a game called toss the paci. Love the crazy driving, that's always a hit here as well!


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