Friday, April 13, 2012

Top Five Saturday Laughs 4.14.12

Happy weekend!  Ryan and I actually started our weekend a day early and enjoyed the day as a family. This morning we had the girls' photos taken by the fabulous Photography by Jen (check out the sneak peak and while you're there 'like' her page).  We then spent the afternoon in preparation for Natalie's first birthday party that is tomorrow evening.  I am so excited to celebrate our little girl with our family and friends!!

Since I inadvertently missed last weeks' laughs, I had two weeks worth of laughs to choose from.

5.  Claire is constantly coming up with new phrases that stick around for a week or two.  The most recent ones are "Isn't that A-maz-ing?!" and "Sure is" or "Sure will".  All of these sound quite silly coming from a three year old!

4. When Natalie is finished with a meal, she now takes whatever she is eating and shoves it in the seat of the high-chair.  I discovered this one morning as she stuffed her Kix down the sides of the high-chair.  Of course, I didn't catch her in the act and thought she was eating breakfast extra well ;)

3. I introduced Claire to the delicacy that is peeps.  As I expected, she shared in the love of this delicious candy.  Between the two of us we ate an entire sleeve in a sitting.  Ryan came out to check on us and accused me to eating them all.  Claire acted all sneaky and confessed that she had in fact helped.

2.  Natalie pooped on the potty this week!  Okay, it doesn't really count since I noticed the 'poop face' and ran her to the potty and sat her down so she could go, but still, she went on the potty!!   The funny thing came after she went and the entire family was in the bathroom cheering for her, Natalie just clapped along with us beaming with pride.

1.  I had a hard time choosing from these two and since these are rather similar, I will lump them together.  We have had lots of dance parties at our house as of late - we go in our bedroom turn the music up and dance all crazy.  All of us (that have hair) must wear pretty hairbows. Claire asked Ryan to come in the party so that he could be the 'handsome guy at the dance'.  The second also involves Claire and Ryan.  He had gotten her something to eat and Claire replied, "thanks Dad, you're the best dad I ever seen."  I couldn't argue - he is the greatest!!

I hope everyone has a fantastic weekend!  If you want to check out more laughs, check out Melissa's blog hop at The Mommyhood Chronicles.


  1. Cute laughs!

    Yay N for going potty. Claire is too cute and funny :)

    Hope the party goes well tomorrow

  2. Aw...Your little girls are so sweet. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Stopping by to say hi! This is my first blog hop, I'm friends with Melissa@MommyhoodChronicles! Love your funnies - Claire sounds a lot like my Sophia. I also have two girls, and I was picking up chocolate wrappers all week from my little sneak!

  4. Haha- she is so cute! Isn't it amazing- she is funny! Too funny with N- good job being tricky and shoving food on the sides of the high chair:) Too cute with N going on the potty- way to start training early:) I love that he is the best dad- melts my heart. I hope you have a fantastic weekend!!


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