Monday, April 9, 2012

Happy 12 Months Miss Natalie Sue

I will probably have a whole slew of posts from Natalie's first birthday, however since I didn't do an 11 month update I thought I should start out with the list of the milestones achieved in the last two months.

  • I am happy to report that Natalie SLEPT THROUGH THE NIGHT!  However, the past three weeks have been coupled with teething and walking so we're back getting up 1-2 times per night.  
  • Natalie has gone from walking behind things, to standing on her own to walking!  Over the past weekend, she all of a sudden decided it was time to walk.  Previously, she had taken a few steps but now will take 4-5 steps fall down get back up and keep walking.  So far, the most consecutive steps that we've witnessed was 8!  She is a determined little girl!
  • Natalie's vocabulary is starting to develop, she now makes the following sounds
    • "Ni Ni" for Night-Night
    • "Sssss" for sissy
    • "Gh-Pa" for Grandpa
    • "Up"
    • She tries to say "thank you" but it normally doesn't make sense and you can catch the "you" at the end
    • "Mi" for Mine
  • I love that even though she is not that vocal yet, she is starting to understand.  If we ask her to lay down for her diaper change she will grab a diaper and lay on the ground.  She also gets excited if you ask her if she wants to see sissy, go outside or take a bath
  • She is very expressive in her facial expressions and will furrow her brow if she's upset

  • She still screams after being told no and screams louder when something she was playing with is taken away
  • She is currently obsessed with putting toys into storage totes and then putting the lid on and off
  • Natalie waves like a princess in a parade, it is adorable.
  • Three top teeth made their appearance in sequence.  The fourth is still bulging, I hope it comes through soon!  
  • Loves to do "so big"
  • Natalie may grow up to be a shoe-aholic, she is obsessed with putting on shoes
  • She had her first ice-cream and cake (two separate occasions)

  • Often she gets upset with Ryan if he picks her up from daycare.  She tells him "MA-MA!" 
  • Natalie has the special art of making her sister angry.  She knows just what to do to elicit a very dramatic response from Claire (I think this will continue for many years)
  • Natalie has started to like dolls.  She grabs them and hugs them and even gives them kisses on occasion.

Happy Birthday Natalie Sue, we love you so much!!


  1. Happy Belated Birthday! I meant to stop by yesterday and drop a note!

  2. AW- So cute!!! Happy bday baby girl! She is way more advanced than Zane-lol


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