Friday, October 14, 2011

Top 5 Saturday Laughs

I find it amazing when you start looking for the funny things that happen in your life during the week, how many funny moments you actually have!  For two weeks now, I have more than enough laughs to write this post.  This week, I sorted through them all and couldn't just do five, so this here's an extra bonus - Six Saturday Laughs!

6.  For those of you that saw my wordless Wednesday post this week know that Natalie was baptized this past Sunday.  I had bought adorable white shoes for her special day.  (What girl doesn't need new shoes for special occasions?!)  Ryan had gotten Natalie dressed the morning of her baptism.  I had noticed while at church how her shoes seemed to fit better than I had anticipated (I had bought a 6-12 month size hoping to get more than one wear out of them).  Ryan mentioned that they were even a little snug to put on and I didn't think much of it.  When I was cleaning up after the party, I grabbed the shoes and noticed that Ryan hadn't taken the stuffing out of the toes!  No wonder she filled them out :)

5.  Last weekend my mom, sister and niece had come over to help get the house ready for Sunday's baptism brunch.  My niece, Dakota is 10 and a huge help in these situations as she keeps Claire entertained.  Dakota told me that Claire had asked, "Dakota will you put me in my swing so I can tell you about Jesus?"  (She loves the Christmas story).  Later in the day, Claire sang the chorus of "Glory to God" by Fee for about an hour straight.  She stood on the hearth of the fireplace like it was her stage.  Claire has been going to church with us lately and I guess remembered that song chorus very well :)

4.  Natalie had a messy diaper one evening and Ryan took her to change the said diaper.  While he was walking into her room, he commented how he hadn't changed a poopy diaper in over two weeks.  It wasn't long into the change, I hear, "Natalie, ugh!  Don't put your hands in it!"  He obviously had forgotten how wiggly and curious she is during diaper changes.  I was literally crying in the living room listening to the interaction.  I figured it served him right since he had two weeks off of poopy diaper duty.

3.  Claire was climbing all over me and the furniture so I called her a little monkey.  She stopped climbing and told me, "If I eat a banana, then I will be a monkey!"

2.  Natalie has taken a liking to cartoons.  Some of the tops on the list are Dora and Wonder Pets, but Kipper is the absolute favorite.  Whenever she hears the beginning song, she stops whatever she's doing to whip around to see the television.  It will even calm her down when she's really angry.  Her eyes get super big and she kicks her legs in excitement.

1. On our way home from daycare one day this week, Claire asked if she could have a muffin when we got home.  We didn't have any muffins and Natalie was asleep in her carseat, so I told Claire we could make some when we got home.  We made some very simple and delicious oatmeal muffins.  When we were eating them, she took half of mine and replace it with a quarter of hers.  She then exclaimed, "We can trade momma, then we will be best buds."

Now it's your turn, tell me your laughs from the week!


  1. Heather, these are so funny. Lmao at the paper in the shoes. This is totally what Greg would do. That is so cute that she remembered the song from church. Two weeks off of poopy duty. Ryan, you are a lucky guy! I love that she gets so excited about cartoons. I never heard of kipper so I will check it out! My favorite one is ,we can share momma. Love it!! Thanks for linking up!

  2. Kipper is on Sprout - super short episodes are great for the "I want to watch a show before bed" stalling.

  3. Hey there new follower from mommy chronicles. Your girls are so precious! I have a little girl on the way due Nov 30th! (We're actually naming her Natalie too! but we haven't told the whole world so shhh...) Anyway, children are such a blessing and I look forward to this experience!

    Have a wonderful weekend. :)

  4. Thank you for coming over and the follow - I've been enjoying the laughs here too:-) Will be followin' along.


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