Friday, October 7, 2011

Top 5 Saturday Laughs

Thank goodness for Saturday!  It has been a LONG week here and rather eventful.  Here are the top five laughs from our house (that I actually wrote down or remembered).

5.  Claire has been really into playing games lately.  We are trying to teach her how to play, but most of the time she does what she wants.  We were playing Chutes and Ladders one night after dinner.  Claire looks at me and states, "Mommy, you're too old to play this game!"

4.  I had to work late on Monday this week so I asked my mother-in-law to pick up the girls from daycare.  Grandma lives next door (about 1000' from door to door if you take the driveways/road) so Claire rides in the passenger seat or on the center console on the way home.  Natalie is still buckled into her infant seat.  She must have been really tired and fell asleep before we hit the driveway!

3.  The favorite movie at our house is Disney's Incredibles.  It has been the choice of the car DVD player as well as the 'show' of choice.  Now Claire plays that she is Violet and puts on her mask.  She runs through the house chanting, "Go Violet, Go!"  The rest of us are part of the movie too.  Natalie is baby Jack-Jack, Dad is Mr. Incredible, I'm elastagirl and our dog boomer is Dash.  I love her imagination!!

Violet with the secret identity of Claire
2.  Natalie is becoming more vocal these days.  She says the same thing most of the time, "ma-ma-ma-ma" but her inflection changes.  When she's hungry, it's more of a complaining sound followed by lip smacking.  When she's tired, it's whining.  When she's happy to see me, she kicks her legs and says it in a high pitched voice.  It's amazing how they learn to communicate so early!!

1.  My favorite story of the week came in the morning of all times :)  We were getting ready to leave the house and I had just strapped Natalie into her infant carrier.  Claire walked up to Natalie, pet her on her cheek and says in the sweetest voice, "I wub you Natalie."  I exclaimed, "awww, that just melts mommy's heart."  With that Claire proceeds to open up my denim jacket and look at my chest.  She asks, "where is it melting Mommy?"  I had to explain that meant that it made me very happy that she was so sweet.

Now it's your turn, tell me your favorite Saturday laughs!!


  1. These are fantastic! Lol at mommy your too old. Love the progress of vocab at this age. The last one made me almost pee in my pants,melting heart! I love how sweet they are w/each other.have a great sat

  2. CUTE!!!! I love the last one! I am getting ready to write up my post. :)

  3. These are great. Love the heart melting. Children have such an innocence and take it how you say it that makes everything extra special


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