Monday, October 10, 2011

Happy 6 Months Natalie Sue!

These first six months have passed so very quickly and Natalie is doing new things daily!!  Here are some of her 'major accomplishments' to date:

  • She was baptized this last Sunday!  (more to come on this, but since it's very special I had to include it on this post)

  • She is a rolling master!  When she first started rolling from back to tummy she would roll back the opposite way from tummy to back and really not go anywhere.  She now knows how to get places by rolling.

  • She has begun to army crawl and gets up on her hands and knees occasionally.  I am now 'on duty' while she is on the floor at all times.
  • She enjoys playing in the exasaucer/jumperoo combo more than just the jumperoo

  • Claire is the person in the family that makes Natalie laugh the most and often can distract her when she is upset just by talking to her **awww**

  • Natalie has recently started eating food.  She did not care much for rice cereal.  She has tried green beans, peas and sweet potatoes.  So far sweet potatoes are her favorite.
  • She jabbers a ton, but becomes much more vocal when her sister isn't in the room.

There are two milestones that I am anxiously awaiting:

  • Sleeping through the night.  I think it may actually be getting worse.  I am going to start the sleep training soon and not looking forward to the process.
  • Cutting those two bottom teeth - she is a drool factory and is constantly gnawing at her hands/toys.

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  1. These pictures are so cute!! I love that our kids are the same age because I can totally relate to so much. Zane also started taking an interest in food and rolling all over. The exercauser is mommys life saver! I am also awaiting sttn and cutting those two teeth as well. Such a cute post!


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