Friday, August 3, 2012

Top Five Saturday Laughs :: 8.4.12

Happy work free weekend (at the office anyway) for me!  I hope everyone has some great fun planned for the weekend. I am so glad to have two whole days to spend quality time with my girls!

I didn't document many of our laughs this week and at this point, I honestly can't remember them.  Oh well, I did write down a few so we will go with that.

5.  Natalie is the queen of non-verbal communication.  She grunts, babbles, points, walks you to what she wants or moves you out of the way.  This week she's started to fake eat whenever she's hungry or wants a snack.  I often ask her if she's hungry just so she will smack her lips together.

4.  Claire's newest phrase is, "I can't believe my eyes!"  It's just funny to hear a three year old say silly things!

3.  Last week I talked about Natalie's obsession with Claire's boots.  The obsession has carried over to this week, however she now wears one boot backwards.  Our nanny sent me a photo one afternoon after a day of turning the boot around to just have Natalie turn it backwards again.

2.  I am thankful that Miss Grace sends me things via text or I wouldn't have enough laughs!  I received this text: "A few minutes ago Claire was holding three babies hostage and wouldn't give one to Natalie.  I told her that we needed to share and she said, 'I'm sorry Miss Grace, but I need all three babies and we need to make an exception just this once and that is FINAL' Sass alert!"  Oy!  That girl can be sassy which is not appreciated, but how do you not laugh at the shear ridiculousness?!

1.  We took the girls swimming at my sister-in-laws this week.  Natalie was out of the pool walking around when she grabbed a wipe, squatted and peed on the cement.  Then she clapped when she was done, we all cracked up!  Now if she'd just go on the potty as regularly as she does in a bathing suit :)

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  1. I'm worried about not having enough laughs when I go back to work in a couple of weeks. :( So glad you got a weekend off! That time is too important. Love #1! I am totally guilty of saying things to Bailey to get a reaction as well! #2 Oh sassy Claire. It really is hard not to laugh at their naughtyness! Just wait, it only gets worse as they get older!! Enjoy your weekend!

  2. Oh we have Sass going on here too and it is funny and cute. We forget to not laugh on occasion.

    I think Ms Natalie will be potty training before you know it! Lucky woman :)

    Cute laughs

  3. *I* couldn't believe my eyes when Claire got all sassy with me! She left me speechless... until I cracked up ;)

  4. That is so cute that when she is hungry she will smack her lips together. A smart lady you have there! Look at her and her baby with those boots. I am cracking up here! She is so cute with peeing on the side walk. At least, it wasn't in the pool. Again smart lady. Love your laughs! xoxo


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