Sunday, July 29, 2012

Top Five Saturday Laughs :: 7.28.12

**It is Sunday night and I just realized that I never posted this from yesterday, if someone locates my brain, please send it back to it's proper owner**

It doesn't feel like Saturday to me today since I worked this morning!  However, I am loving the absolutely gorgeous weather that followed the much needed rain yesterday.

I had a hard time choosing my laughs this week, my kids were in good moods and very silly!  Here's to hoping for many more weeks of the same.  

5.  One morning I actually had to wake Claire up.  When she woke up she was shaking her arm since it had fallen asleep.  She was looking at it strangely and told me that her hand was wrinkly.

4.  Natalie has become obsessed with wearing Claire's winter boots.  She would wear them all day and everywhere we went if I would let her.  However, nothing is sillier than a diapered baby in boots much too big.

3.  Before I went to work the other day, the girls and I played some board games.  When Miss Grace arrived, I was quickly replaced in HighHo Cherry-O.  Each color of 'cherries' has a character associated with it.  When Claire looked at the actual cherries, she realized that the character was a dog.  She then asked Grace, "How's a dog supposed to carry cherries?!"

2.  Claire has claimed Ryan's old iPhone 3 as her phone.  She has some games, books and movies that we have loaded on for her.  She decided to text Grandma.  When we told her that Grandma doesn't text, she told us that it was okay because she was the one texting not Grandma.  I don't think she understands the true concept of texting yet.

1.  Yesterday was  big day in our house.  Natalie asked (signed) to go potty.  She loves to sit on the potty, so this was nothing new.  However, she went #1 twice!!  After the second victory, I told Natalie to run out to the kitchen to tell Daddy what she had done.  She ran to the kitchen to cheers from both Ryan and Claire.  She got so excited that she pottied all over the floor.

I hope everyone has a great weekend!  Head on over to The Mommyhood Chronicles to read lots of other laughs!


  1. Love the baby in boots! I still can't get over how much hair she has!! #2, LOL they are such literal thinkers at this age. Yay for going potty like a big girl!! You'll be diaper free in no time!

    1. I sure hope I'm diaper free soon! It would be a dream come true. Boots and pigtails are simply adorable!

  2. Okay I am so jealous that you had to wake her up. Can we trade?I love that N is obsessed with her boots. That is way too cute! I can't believe that N is going potty! Again can we trade! I love your laughs girl! YOu always make me smile. Thank you for that!

    1. Thanks Melissa!! It's rare that I have to wake the girls up, but it feels so backwards and I honestly wish I could just sleep in!!


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