Friday, May 4, 2012

Top Five Saturday Laughs 5.5.12

I slacked off this week in writing down the funny things that happened in our house.  I know we had more than these five I wrote down, so I can't promise these are actually the top five since they're the only five that I actually wrote down!

5.  Natalie was attempting to get a toy out of the toybox at Ryan's mom's house.  This is how we found her.

4.  This story came via Ms. Cynthia, the girls daycare provider.  Her children had gotten home from school and playing with the daycare kids.  At one point, Claire told one of the daughters that 'her mom was crazy'.  Apparently everyone thought that was pretty funny!!

3.  The girls both tried sweet gherkin pickles this week at daycare.  Claire took one bite, looked like she was going to burst into tears and wanted NO more.  Natalie on the other hand, loved them and couldn't get enough.  Yet another example of my very different girls.

2.  We were visiting my mom's and Claire was eating an apple.  My mom asked Claire if she could have an "itsy-bitsy piece"  Claire looked puzzled and replied, it's an apple Grandma - not peas!  HA!

1.  My favorite laugh has actually happened multiple times this week.  Natalie finds it hysterical to share her food with her sister.  Typically Natalie takes a bite from a ritz cracker then offers her sister a bite.  Claire is so gentle to take a small bite and never bite her sister, but Natalie cracks up.  This then leads to tons and tons of giggling from all of us.

I love that my kids are getting old enough to truly interact together!  I am trying to soak up all these great memories and hold them dear in my heart because I know all too soon they will be few and far between.

Happy weekend!!

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  1. Look at her and her toys. Too funny! I love #1 too- makes me smile! Haha- its an apple, not peas- too funny! So cute!!


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