Friday, May 18, 2012

Top Five Saturday Laughs 5.19.12

I am thankful for the weekend, but my weekend doesn't start until noon since I have to work Saturday morning.  Thankfully, the girls will get to stay home and play with their daddy.  I know Claire is excited since we were talking before bed about all the fun things they are going to do together.

I hope everyone has as beautiful weather as we have forecasted for this weekend, I am so excited to play outside with the girls :-)

5.  Natalie is rather edgy when she doesn't get her way immediately.  She often complains with a scowel on her face.  Apparently, we have to go and "get some patience at the baby store" for Natalie since she doesn't have any according to Claire.  I asked Claire if we needed to get her some too ;)

4.  Claire and Natalie were watching Snow White in the car.  At one point the animals and dwarfs were running through the forest and Dopey fell off the deer.  This struck Claire as funny and she started belly laughing.  This made Natalie erupt with laughter.  Pretty soon, Claire stopped laughing but Natalie kept laughing trying to get Claire to join in.

3.  I have blogged about Natalie's obsession with shoes before.  I brought a new pair of shoes home tonight for her and she was insistent that she needed them on immediately.  After her bath, she needed the shoes back on with her footie pajamas.

2.  Ryan has always thrown the girls around.  He tosses them ridiculously high in the air.  I am so accustomed to it that it hardly fazes me anymore.  Ryan's mom stopped over tonight, and she couldn't watch as Ryan threw Claire around.  It seriously freaks her (and everyone else who ever sees it) out!  She told Ryan that he had to stop.  Of course Claire didn't agree with that idea.  She sat on Grandma's lap and told her that it was ok and she needed to be brave when she was thrown next.

1.  We watch WordGirl occasionally in our house.  There is a dance that the sidekick, Captain Huggypants, does at the end of the show.  I used to move Claire's arms to the motions, but she has graduated to doing the dance herself.  I will let you see how funny it really is in the video.

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  1. Cute laughs! Love the buying patience. We need some of those at our house too.

  2. Oh these are probably my favorite thing to read all week :-) So funny!

  3. I love the constant laughing- contagious!! Adorable! Look at Claire watching her favorite video-so cute! She has the best dance moves!! Happy weekend my friend! Love your laughs:)

  4. Following you from Mommyhood Hop! YOur have a beautiful family!

    Follow back when you can ;)

  5. HA!!! My husband throws the kids around as well and they get such a hoot out of it. Sadly, I get a hoot out of watching my mother in law squirm thinking that something is going to happen.

  6. I love that she tells her grandma that she needs to be brave! :)

    Have a great weekend!


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