Sunday, May 13, 2012

Top Five Saturday Laughs 5.12.12

Happy Weekend!  We had a very fun and busy one.  Our weekend started early as Ryan and I both had the day off Friday.  We were blessed to attend the wedding of two of our 'kids' from youth group.  What a fun night!!  Saturday we celebrated my dad's birthday and mother's day with my mom and sister.  I went out with my best friend to a bachelorette party that night.  Today we had another mother's day celebration with Ryan's mom and sister.  Lots of family, friends and food :)

I have to admit that the past few weeks I have been slacking on writing down my laughs.  It's not that funny things aren't happening, I am just not very diligent at writing them down.  Add in mommy brain, and I sit here trying to recollect these funny events from the past week.  

5.  On Friday I scheduled a much needed hair appointment.  I took Claire with me to the appointment since she loves to play with my hairdressers doll house.  I had gotten the foil in for my highlights and my hairdresser had begun to put the dye through the rest of my hair.  Claire looks over from the dollhouse and exclaims, "You look beautiful Mommy!"  I guess my hair was REALLY bad beforehand since that look was an improvement :)

4. Natalie has started a new habit of puckering her lips after bites of food or drink.  She doesn't do it every time, but it really is hysterical.  I hope to capture it in a photo, however it is very brief. She knows it's funny and continues to do it for the reaction, so much personality coming from that little girl these days.

3.  Ryan was fixing the girls dinner and asked Claire what color plate she wanted to avoid the meltdown of giving her the wrong color plate (the drama I know!).  Ryan insists he said the correct colors that he was holding as options.  I hear Claire say, "I will have the GREEN plate Daddy, not blue, you don't even know your colors!"  I died laughing, seriously.  I had tears rolling down my face since I have said the same thing for a long time ;)

2.  I was getting Claire dressed one morning and I heard Natalie in the kitchen playing in the pantry.  The next thing I know, Natalie comes toddling over with a bag of animal crackers.  Needless to say, she was hungry and decided to get herself breakfast.  Yes, she did eat animal crackers for breakfast that day.

1. This laugh also happened at the hairdresser's house on Friday.  There is one doll whose arm has broken off.  Claire was pretending that this was the mommy doll.  There was also a big sister and baby doll.  I hear Claire (being the mommy), "I'm sorry baby, your sister will have to hold you, I only have one arm."  

Happy Mother's Day to all of you awesome mommies out there :)


  1. Aw- I love that she said you look beautiful! YOu are! Haha- I love that she was messing with him with knowing his colors- too cute! I love #1. I love your laughs- With two kids, we have so many- don't we! Thanks for making me smile!


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