Friday, September 23, 2011

Top 5 Saturday Laughs

I'm stealing this idea from my twitter friend (@dentistmel - if you're on twitter follow her!) who does it every week.  What a wonderful way to celebrate the best moments of the week.  So often, I am left thinking, 'what was that funny thing Claire said last week?' this will help me remember these moments and cherish them always.  I hope they also leave a smile on your face too!

5.  Claire is obsessed with the Christmas story.  She pretends that we are all part of the story.  Natalie is baby Jesus, Ryan is Joseph, I'm Mary and she of course, is the angel.  She then talks about what each of us is doing, calling us by our character names.  I love her imagination.

4.  Natalie has started the good ol' baby belly laugh.  I love that laugh!  However, we have to be careful how much we make her laugh since she will get the hiccups if we push the laugh limit too long.  What is it about hiccups that last WAY too long?

3.  Since the weather has been so awesome this week, we have been able to spend lots of time outside.  We go out after dinner and run in the front yard.  Claire cracks up whenever we run after her, she is always asking us to chase her.  We taught her tag tonight and it was such a wonderful time!  We also play lots of hide and seek, chase/kick the ball and somersaults in the grass (her not me).

2.  This is the appropriate number for this one.  While Claire was going potty, we had a conversation about the said #2, it went something like this:
C: "Mom, animals go poop.  Cows, horses and pigs all poop"
M: "Yes Claire everyone poops"
C: "Do you poop mommy?"
M: "Yes"
C: "Do I poop?"
M: "Yes"
C: "Does Natalie poop?"
M: "Yes"
C: "Daddy has stinky poop"
M: *Laugh*

1.  My favorite laugh of the week has happened nearly every morning this week.  The second Claire hears Natalie on the monitor waking up, she has to run in the room to see her sister.  She likes to talk to Natalie and then yell back to me what is happening.  "Mom, Natalie is smiling at me.  Her likes me."  "Oh, do you have big smiles for me Natalie?"  "She's smiling again Mommy!" While this makes me laugh to hear her talking in a high pitched voice to her sister, the funniest thing came when she climbed in the crib with Natalie so her sister could see her better.  I was shocked to see these big legs come over top of the rails on the monitor.  After my initial reaction, of "Don't step on your sister!"  I couldn't help but laugh at it.  She loves her sister so very much!!

I will quote my friends' blog that I stole this idea from "The things kids say.  Now, tell me your funnies from this week.  I know you have some..."


  1. The baby belly laughs. Can't you listen to that all day!
    Daddy has stinky poop,lol. The things kids say!
    #1 is so cute! Arent we lucky we have kids that actually love each other. I thought it would be bickering and jealousy 24/7 so it is so nice to see the loving relationships.

    You did a fantastic job on this post!!

  2. My kids all really love each other too. It is amazing. I thought with Logan and Charlie being so close in age that Logan would be super jealous. But nope, he adores her.
    The belly laugh is the best!
    My funny story from the week was when Logan went in for a hug from Charlie and she grabbed his hair. Pulled him in really close and gave him a slobbery kiss on the cheek. He looked at me with the most serious face and said "Muma, ah Chahree me ahl whet."
    Kids, they are never ending entertainment :)
    Great post!

  3. Awww so cute! I love this and I love it when @dentistmel does it! I am definitely going to join in when Cupcakes starts talking... although maybe I could write about the non-verbal funny things she does. :o) hmmmmmm...

    For Love of Cupcakes

  4. Love the Logan and Charlie story! Great job on the toddler voice/typing!!

    Jamie - you totally should start. I wish it was something that I had started years ago. You think you'll remember all these things, but you don't! Life just gets in the way of the truly great memories!!


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