Monday, September 12, 2011

She said "MaMa"!

The first year is full of milestones, but none is sweeter (in my opinion) than when they say "Ma Ma" for the first time and mean it!

Natalie had fallen asleep on the way home from daycare this afternoon and I put her in her room while still in her car carrier.  I proceeded to start dinner and play with Claire.  Soon we heard Natalie complaining; she was awake and not in the same room as us.  I went into get her and she looked at me and exclaimed "Ma Ma!" in a high pitched happy to see you tone.  I was so excited!!  

Happy girl!

These are the moments I am thankful that God allows me to experience and I don't miss them while at work.  


  1. Oh that is the BEST! Yay for her first word :)

  2. Thanks for the follow on Twitter, I returned the favor :) Your girls are beautiful, I have a 9 month baby boy. Check out my preschool blog if you want-


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