Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Happy 18 Months Natalie Sue!

Everyone says it, "they grow up so fast."  In the sleep deprived early days, you vaguely are aware that there are different days.  Before you know it, your baby turns one.  A blink later they are no longer a baby, but a full blown toddler.

As I was reading books with Natalie tonight, I took a current inventory if you will.  When she sits on my lap, her face is directly in line with my shoulder.  She is at the perfect height that I can kiss her sweet cheeks.  Her legs are so long that her feet nearly reach my knees.  Her hair is just above her shoulders and has soft curls.  When I hold her, she rests her head on my shoulder and her knees actually rest on my lap.  These are the little things that I am trying to burn into my memory, things that I never want to forget.

As far as developmentally, she is actually running these days.  Running absolutely everywhere.  No longer does she look like a sand lizard with her arms and legs flaring as she runs.  She tries her very best to keep up with her sister in everything.  Natalie loves to climb and there isn't much in the house that she hasn't climbed at this point.  She is busy all the time and enjoys the following things:

  • Stomping her feet
  • Dancing
  • Playing dress-up (loves fancy shoes)
  • Picking out food from the refrigerator and pantry
  • Brushing her teeth and washing her hands
  • Tackling daddy
  • Putting a purse over her shoulder and waving 'bye' 
  • Playing catch
She's still on the small side so I am hoping the pediatrician appointment this month doesn't show her down another percentile (she's dropped every month since 9 months).  I think that she's grown recently as she feels heavier.  In clothes, she's in 12-18 month across the board as of this month.  Her pants are good for length but too large in the waist and the shirts fit a little large.  

Verbally, she tries really hard to talk.  She will repeat two word phrases, however if she wasn't repeating something I don't think that I would know what she was actually saying.  Words that are in her everyday vocabulary are:

  • Claire
  • Dog
  • Yes (Yeah)
  • Ice Cream
  • Drink
  • Thank You
  • Kitty
  • Blankie
  • Baby
  • Paci
Natalie is a VERY strong willed little miss.  She doesn't like it when you help her without her consent.  She likes to pick out her own clothes (read: has a tantrum if you put her in something she doesn't want to wear).  She still holds her own hair for comfort and often pulls out her ponytail in the process.  She stands up for herself when her sister takes a toy that she thinks should be hers.  

I took a stroll down memory lane and pulled out photos from her birth.

I am amazed at the difference that 18 months makes!!  

Happy 1/2 Birthday Little Girl!!


  1. How cute. I love seeing all your pics of N! Can you believe we have 18 mont olds. Where does the time go??

  2. The "putting her purse over her shoulder and waving 'bye'" is something I will NEVER forget from this summer. I cracked up every time. Love to all you guys!!

  3. Happy half way to 2 sweat pea!

    We used to say that Charlie looked like the sand lizard too!!

  4. So cute!!Rebecca does the same thing with her lunch box.

  5. Aww just love it! This is why I love blogging, we can "burn" these memories into our brains AND have a record of it! She's gorgeous!

  6. Already? Look at that precious peanut in the first picture. Why do they grow so fast!?

  7. I cannot believe we have 18 month olds! How did that happen? This time last year we were starting to think about first birthday parties... sigh.

  8. We love celebrating 1/2 Birthdays too :) She is so cute and it is so amazing how much they change the first 18 months. I wrote a post reminiscing how time flies, it's crazy.


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