Friday, September 14, 2012

Top Five Saturday Laughs :: 9.15.12

When I typed the date, I realized that September is halfway over.  When did that happen?!

I have spent the majority of my time as of late helping to plan a Girls Night Out at work that was on Thursday.  Everything went beautifully, I felt so blessed by the whole thing!  Now I hope to work less during the evenings and blog more.

I hope everyone had a spectacular week and has fun plans for the weekend. I will be working Saturday morning and then spending time with my family!

Our laughs this week are primarily from Claire.  I am sure that Natalie had plenty of funny moments, however my writing them down so I actually remember skills were drastically lacking.

5.  Since we have two little girls our home has its fair share of drama.  When Claire's throwing a tantrum, making herself cry (so forced it's unbelievable) our dog Boomer whines right with her.  It really is quite comical and makes it so I don't totally lose my mind!

4.  Natalie is very into making animal noises.  Whenever she sees a picture of a bear, she growls.  It is adorable and she is so proud.

3.  Miss Cynthia sent me a text with this laugh.  Claire was telling her that Riley Grandma (Ryan's mom - named after her dog Riley) has two Sleeping Beauty movies at her house.  Cynthia asked her why she had two.  Without missing a beat Claire told her it was in case one fell into the washing machine.  You can never be too prepared!

2.  While visiting my parents, Claire was playing with a ride on truck that my siblings and I grew up riding. The truck has a lever that you pull and it makes engine sounds.  It also has a compartment to hide things. Every since she was a toddler, Claire has put various balls in the truck.  She was riding around pulling the lever repeatedly.  I asked her why she needed to be so loud while she was riding.  She responded, "that's cause I've got balls.  Wanna see em?"

1.  Claire was writing on a Magna Doodle.  When I asked her what she was writing, she told me she was writing Chinese.  I asked her if she could write anything in English (hoping she would try some letters).  She enthusiastically answered, "yes, hola!" put her head down and starting frantically writing.


  1. LOL #2 is the best :) Great laughs

  2. #2 Oh, Claire, if you only knew... Love the baby growls, B likes to growl at the neighbor's dog. So not looking forward to the drama level going up in this house hold. Have a great weekend!

    1. I know, she doesn't even know that terminology :) Your drama level will absolutely increase- a least you don't have two girls!! LOL!

  3. Haha- I love that your dog does that. I am at the point when H throws a tantrum, I actually laugh. Is that crazy,lol! #2 is fantastic . I think I would have been dying on the floor! Yes-hola! LOL! Love N and C!

    1. I laugh about it too, especially since at this point they totally know what they're doing is wrong. I cracked up about #2 and she just looked at me like why is she laughing?


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