Monday, September 24, 2012

Backyard Bash X!

Ryan's mom and step-dad put on this huge party called the Backyard Bash annually in September.  The event started when Arn was given a piano to burn on the fire.  So we invited everyone we knew and used the old piano as a kickoff to the night's festivities.  Of course, everyone liked it so much they asked him what he would be burning the next year and the tradition continued.  For every bash, Arn built a 'surprise' object (out of wood) that started the fire. This year he created a collection of miniatures of each of the items he had built in years past and created a huge structure to display them all properly out of pallets.

Year 1: Piano
Year 2: Boat
Year 3: House
Year 4: Airplane
Year 5: Tank
Year 6: Windmill
Year 7: Outhouse
Year 8: Birthday Cake (also Ryan's 30th Birthday Party)
Year 9: Tiki Hut

Every year, Arn worked diligently to collect a ton of pallets to make a fire to be seen from space.  It was a common occurrence that 5-10 pallets at a time were thrown on the fire on top of a huge heap of coals.  The fire is absolutely HUGE and kept us all very warm.  

Three years ago, we celebrated Ryan's 30th birthday and hired Double Barrel Band for the first year.  Needless to say, they've been back every year since.  The backyard becomes the dance floor and we have a blast!

One would think this would be enough for a night, but nah, not for us!  In recent years, Ryan has become earthen oven pig roast chef extraordinaire.  No one goes home hungry!  

I didn't have a chance to get photos of the fireworks since I was putting Natalie to bed (The luxury of having the party next door!  Don't worry we had a sitter).  We did see them through the trees as we stood on the front porch - they were beautiful and the kids just love them!

I took a ton of photos, so here is a collection of some of the favorites:

I just wish all the photos could convey how much fun everyone had!!  Thank you for putting on a wonderful party the last 10 years Mom & Arn!!!


  1. Now THAT is a serious backyard bash! Looks like such a good time!

    1. It was a ton of fun!! Good thing it only happens once a year, I don't recover as quickly!!

  2. how awesome! Sounds like such a fun tradition

  3. That sounds like a par-tay! I want to come next year!

    1. If you come next year, we will host it at our house (which is right next door)!

  4. Great pictures of a great time! I was excited for a minute when I thought the event landed on the same weekend we were up for my uncles funeral, but quickly disappointed when I discovered it wasn't. :(


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