Friday, November 30, 2012

Top Five Saturday Laughs :: 12.1.12

Happy weekend!  We have one of my favorite holiday activities planned for Saturday morning, getting our Christmas tree!!  We go to an awesome tree farm south of town that has horse drawn wagon rides to the tree fields, Santa waiting in the barn with hot chocolate afterwards.  I am looking forward to it, but haven't told the kids yet.  It's killing me to keep it a secret, but I know Claire will be be up at 5 am if I tell her about it.  I hope everyone has a great weekend of fun!!

I am hosting the Saturday Laughs Blog Hop for my friend Melissa while she's on vacation.  Come and join us in the fun!

5.  I absolutely love our daycare provider!  I am so thankful to have someone in our life to love and care for our girls while I am at work.  Miss Cynthia often sends me text messages to share funny stories about the girls.  So this one came directly from her.  They were talking about matching and Claire said, "Miss Cynthia, my shirt matches your phone's suitcase!"  And yes, Miss Cynthia has a pink phone case.

4.  Claire has been very inquisitive about mixing colors as of late.  She is constantly asking, "If I mix color A and color B together, what color do I get?"  Typically, she asks color combinations such as pink and orange or purple and green.  She asked one color mix that I had no idea, so I told her that I wasn't sure what color it would make.  She then informed me, "Daddy knows everything about colors, maybe you should ask him." I cracked up, Ryan is not the foremost color expert in our house - at all!

3.  Ryan had taken the girls next door to his mom's house.  They tore into the house and ran straight for the play room.  Grandma wasn't expecting them and had put their unwrapped Christmas gifts in the room.  Grandma quickly told them to stop and Ryan followed up with, "Grandma's underwear are in there, you don't want to see them!"  This kept the girls out.  When they came home, Claire told me, "Mom, Grandma's underwear were out so we couldn't play in our room.  We did NOT want to see that!"

2.  My family has this awesome tradition of group Black Friday shopping.  We make a list of all our needs, a plan to hit each department and then we divide and conquer.  We always have a blast, laughing more than people around us probably appreciate.  My mom always ensures we have Christmas music playing.   When The Christmas Song (Chestnuts Roasting on an Open Fire) came over the radio, my mom and I instantly cracked up.  We then had to share with the ladies the reason behind our laughter.  When my dad (Jeff) was younger, he thought the song opened with, "Jeff's nuts roasting over an open fire..."  Needless to say, whenever we hear that song we think of my dad and laugh.  At midnight, this was seriously hysterical and we cackled like crazy!

1.  I don't need to say much with this laugh, Natalie spent the majority of her time at Grandma's doing the same thing over and over!  This video is long - I couldn't figure out how to trim it from my phone and the multiple apps that I tried didn't work.  So make sure you watch the first 15 seconds.

I already have four really good laughs for next week that happend today!  I can't wait for next week to share them!